iAuditor Temperature + Humidity sensors

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Industry leading automated monitoring

Long range connectivity

~300m+ (~1000ft+)
indoor range

Weatherproof casing

Dust protected, up to 1m water-resistant

Digital monitoring

Configure alerts for
temperature and humidity

2+ year battery life

With 3 x replaceable
AA batteries

Secure communication

Uses the latest
encryption standards

Precise measurements

Temperature: ±0.5°C (32.9°F),
and Humidy: ±3%RH

Readings Every 10 Minutes

Reading are taken and sent
to iAuditor

Wide Temperature Range

Suitable for use in
-25°C/-13°F to 60°C/140°F

Easy-mount Detachable Bracket

Works with cable ties,
tape, or screws

Food-safe Plastic

Made from FDA
approved materials

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Once you’ve bought this starter pack, you’ll still need to pay for the ongoing software subscription after the first year. Ongoing cost after 12 months will be $30 per month when billed annually.

As well as the cost of the actual devices, sensors cost money to run. They need their own network to securely pass information from the sensors, to the gateway, and up to the cloud, and that the information that they capture needs to be stored safely.

A gateway acts as a bridge between your sensors and the internet, allowing the sensors to be placed in locations that are hard for WiFi or cell reception to reach, while remaining low power and battery operated. One gateway can easily provide connectivity to more than 30 sensors. Gateways can work with 3G, 4G, or in some cases wired ethernet connections.

Yes! Your iAuditor account is where your sensors data will go. You’ll need this account to see the information that your data collects, set up alerts, and assign actions.

Nope. The sensors transmit data to the web application and cloud via the gateway, which uses its own 3G/4G connection. The mobile data costs are covered in your sensors subscription.

The sensors take readings and transmit data every 10 minutes.

Set up what matters to you

Connect and monitor your way. Set up sensors in minutes from iAuditor, bring your own sensors, and pull in data from public feeds. With all your data flowing directly into iAuditor, your information is housed in one secure spot.

Connect your existing sensors solutions

Already tracking environmental conditions automatically? Let’s make it meaningful.

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Set critical alerts for local weather

Connect public data feeds, like local weather, and set your own critical thresholds to alert your team when they need to take action.

Make weather work for you in iAuditor

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