Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Ensure that perishable and temperature-sensitive assets stay in low temperatures to preserve safety and quality. Automatic temperature readings and alerts with SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) cold chain temperature monitoring.

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What is Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring?

Cold chain temperature monitoring refers to the practice of regularly checking the temperature of the different sections of a cold chain. A cold chain is a supply chain kept in a low temperature to protect the safety and quality of products such as fresh produce, seafood, chemicals, and medicine. Primarily, cold chain sensors are used to identify temperature spikes that can potentially degrade the quality temperature-sensitive assets.

Top 3 Benefits of Having a Cold Chain Monitoring System

  • Monitor all of your assets in a single platform and get real-time alerts wherever you are
    With a good cold chain monitoring system, you can easily monitor all of your assets in every step of the cold chain from a single platform. You can also receive alerts on your computer or mobile device when temperatures breach optimal settings so issues are fixed as soon as they are identified.
  • Secure all of your important data and gain valuable insights
    SafetyCulture’s Cold Chain Monitoring System automatically logs temperature readings via unlimited and secure cloud storage. Authorized personnel can then review historical information through a dashboard to spot trends and patterns, allowing them to act proactively before any significant losses are incurred.
  • Trigger action assignments linked to alerts for immediate resolution
    Set-up action assignments to trigger once certain conditions are met. This allows designated personnel to receive specific action assignments appropriate to the issues detected. You can even create and assign standalone actions with priority levels, due dates, and special instructions to streamline collaborations between teams even if you work in different sites.


Why SafetyCulture Sensors

The mobile and web app along with the wireless cold chain sensors that make up the SafetyCulture Cold Chain Monitoring System make for an efficient, versatile, and effective combination valued by several businesses all over the world. Our wireless cold chain sensors ensure that every section of your cold chain always stays in the optimal temperature range through automatic readings, while the SafetyCulture web and mobile app receive and display the data in the Sensors Dashboard for easy monitoring using your computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere. Achieve and maintain compliance with internal, external, and legal standards for safety and quality with the help of SafetyCulture’s Cold Chain Monitoring System today.

Have your own Sensors?

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See how others are getting value from SafetyCulture monitoring

Marley Spoon – Building a data driven food safety and inspection operation
“We have visibility into everything because of the data we capture in SafetyCulture platform. If there’s a threshold exception or process that needs improving, all we have to do is drill down and we’ll find it.”

- Sofia Dias, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

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Waldorf Astoria
"Seeing how we’re doing this year compared to last year... food and beverage is up 15 points in terms of guest satisfaction. To see that level of change speaks a lot about a system like SafetyCulture (iAuditor)."

- Kelly Vohs, GM at Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton

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Burt Brothers Tire & Mechanic
“When I get a report, I want to know what I have to fix and where. I need immediate feedback so I can be proactive about potential problems. SafetyCulture platform gives us that real-time information we need.”

- Brandon Burt, General Manager with Burt Brothers

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Level 10 Construction
“Our superintendents and foremen are able to track the progress of the day. And it all sits in the SafetyCulture database.”

- Conrad Banez, Certified Health and Safety Technologist

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Valley Leisure Fitness Center
"SafetyCulture has helped us massively. Now we can carry mobile devices, conduct checks, then include detailed reports and photos. We create PDF reports and share them with the team or save them onto our systems."

- Dan Flippance, Assistant Manager for Operations

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Once you’ve connected your sensors to SafetyCulture, you can continuously monitor and maintain your conditions without lifting a finger. Tell us what range conditions need to stay in, and we’ll alert you any time that they go outside this range. From there, you can quickly set up a corrective action within SafetyCulture, assign it to the right person, and keep track of it until it’s closed out. You’ll also have a complete historical log of data, in case you ever need to check that conditions were met during a certain period, or want to track trends in your conditions.

Nope, you can bring your data into SafetyCulture without any additional charges to your SafetyCulture subscription. This means that your whole team can see the data that’s coming in, access historical data, receive alerts, and create and close out actions if conditions go out of your set range.

Only if you want them to. As the admin, you can control which sensors get added, what alerts are set up, and who else is able to make these changes.

Set up what matters to you

Automate peace of mind. Monitor what matters to you, when it matters, and alert the people who need to know — and never lose track of your compliance again.
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Buy sensors directly from us

We offer market-leading temperature and humidity sensors that will last years, and can be set up in minutes without outside help. Your sensors will automatically link to SafetyCulture, giving you a reliable historical data log, automatic alerts when conditions go outside your set ranges, and the ability to create actions off the back of an alert to track issues from open to close.

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Sensors integration

Connect your existing sensor solutions

Already tracking environmental conditions automatically? Let’s make it meaningful. Whether you’re capturing temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality, gas concentrations, or even customer feedback with a smiley or sad face, you can use SafetyCulture to record, alert and action your data.

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Set critical alerts for local weather

Connect local weather and set your own critical thresholds to alert your team when they need to take action. Need everyone to stop work when temperatures drop below freezing? No issue. We’ll let them know as soon as it happens.

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