Master Partner Agreement FAQs

February 2023


We have reviewed and updated our Master Partnership Agreement to introduce more favourable commercial outcomes for our partners. This includes increasing benefits for both referral and reseller partners (both commission percentages and partner discounts), ensuring all partners are incentivised by the tiered partner structure and introducing the concept of ‘leads’ and ‘closed deals’ to better reflect responsibility of both the partner and SafetyCulture in closing deals.

We have also taken this opportunity to restructure the partnership agreement such that the Commercial Schedule now refers to the benefits available to both referrer and reseller partners.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Support team at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What substantive changes have been made to the Master Partner Agreement?

  • We have introduced the concepts of ‘Lead’ and ‘Closed Deal’. A Lead is an opportunity which is delivered to SafetyCulture where it is the responsibility of SafetyCulture to engage with the Customer to complete the sales cycle, and a Closed Deal is an opportunity where it is the responsibility of the partner to complete the sales cycle. Whether an opportunity is classified as a Lead, or a Closed Deal will impact the total benefit received by the partner.

  • We have clarified the benefits made available to referrer and reseller partners. Referrer partners may be offered a customer discount to be passed on to the customer and will be entitled to a percentage of the total revenue attributed to the referral as a commission. Reseller partners will be entitled to a partner discount.

  • We have extended the Partner Status concept to reseller partners.

  • We increased both the benefits available to partners under each partnership tier, and the Minimum New Sales Threshold required to move between tiers.

2. When is the updated Master Partnership Agreement effective?

The updated Master Partnership Agreement is effective on 6 February 2023 and will apply to all existing partners subject to the current Master Partnership Agreement and all new partners.

3. Does the new Master Partner Agreement apply to existing partners that have negotiated custom agreements?

No. The updated Master Partnership Agreement will not replace pre-existing custom written partnership agreements signed by both the partner and SafetyCulture.

Partners that wish to enter into the new Master Partnership Agreement can contact their Account Manager or our Customer Support team for instructions on how to update their current agreement.