Tutorial Videos

1. Introduction to iAuditor
iAuditor can be used for inspections, checklists and audits. Your imagination is the limit. - 1:39
2. Template Editor
Drag and drop functionality and a variety of different fields means creating a new inspection template is fun and simple. - 3:08
3. Conducting an Audit
Once we have built a template we can look at conducting an audit, finalising with a professional looking report. - 3:00
4. Exporting an Audit
Exporting your completed audit report in various formats to your relevant parties is a simple process. - 2:39
5. Header Fields
Customise the fields that come native in the information section. These include document number, audit title, date/time, and more. - 2:09
6. Public Library
Did you know there is a powerful feature within iAuditor which allows user to collaborate and share with one another? - 2:12
7. Dynamic Fields
Dynamic fields allows our templates to be free flowing rather than static. This will allow your audit to be different every time you complete it. - 2:30
8. Smart Fields
With smart fields, we can make our audit process streamlined and even better by using logic. - 6:11
9. Customise Reports
iAuditor can make your finished report look great with many customisable options, including your logo and business colours.- 2:21
10. Work in Teams
Did you know that if you work in a team, and need to easily share your templates and audits with others, there's an easier way? - 1:31
SafetyCulture Demo

Integrate with SafetyCulture

iAuditor is free to use as is. However, if you sign in with your SafetyCulture account, you’ll also enjoy constant back-up, management and syncing of all devices in your own private, secure cloud environment.

Case Studies

Boca Raton Resort & Club

Boca Raton Resort & Club was built in 1926 in the state of Florida, USA. It encompasses 3 million square feet on 356 acres. [View Case Study]

Sunshine Crane Repairs

Sunshine Crane Repairs is the only crane repair business on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. [View Case Study]


Megayacht Technical Services International is based in Fort Lauderdale on the coast of Florida, USA, with a European contingent based in France as well. [View Case Study]

London City Airport

London City Airport is the only airport actually located in London. Situated just 11km east of the City of London. [View Case Study]