Why is iAuditor free?

Our mission is to put the best mobile safety management tools into the hands of every worker in the world. Keeping iAuditor free helps with that. However, if organisations need more from their safety management system than just the inspection tool, then we've built SafetyCulture to provide that.

Do I need to unlock exporting in iAuditor?

No, you don't. You can export in PDF for free. If you need more sophisticated data exporting you can choose from one our account tiers. Visit the Pricing page for more information.

How do we share templates and audits within our teams?

SafetyCulture integration is by far the best way to share audit templates and reports securely. It allows you to administer your organisation's inspection teams. Learn More

How secure is the data in iAuditor?

Data is stored locally on the device by default. Sharing and exporting is optional. For detailed information on SafetyCulture security, click here.

How does our organisation pay for SafetyCulture users?

The app is free to download and use. If SafetyCulture accounts are required, then billing is managed centrally, with a single payment for all users in your organisation. Learn More

How do we set up our organisation and users in SafetyCulture?

Easy! One of your team will act as a 'super-admin' and invite your users into the organisation you set up. Here's how to do it.

How do we ensure that data isn’t lost?

Above and beyond iAuditor’s inherent stability, There are several ways to ensure your mission-critical data is never lost. Here’s how.

Popular Topics from the Knowledge Base

Avoiding bugs

Most users will never encounter a bug. Inevitably, some will. While every iAuditor update is thoroughly tested before release, occasionally a bug will make it into the wild. These are easily avoided by turning off automatic updates on your team’s devices, and testing your inspection templates for each new iAuditor update, on a single device. Once you’re happy that all is working smoothly, advise your team to go ahead and download the latest version. Here’s how to set that up.

Tutorial Videos

1. Introduction to iAuditor
iAuditor can be used for inspections, checklists and audits. Your imagination is the limit. - 1:39
2. Template Editor
Drag and drop functionality and a variety of different fields means creating a new inspection template is fun and simple. - 3:08
3. Conducting an Audit
Once we have built a template we can look at conducting an audit, finalising with a professional looking report. - 3:00
4. Exporting an Audit
Exporting your completed audit report in various formats to your relevant parties is a simple process. - 2:39
5. Header Fields
Customise the fields that come native in the information section. These include document number, audit title, date/time, and more. - 2:09
6. Public Library
Did you know there is a powerful feature within iAuditor which allows user to collaborate and share with one another? - 2:12
7. Dynamic Fields
Dynamic fields allows our templates to be free flowing rather than static. This will allow your audit to be different every time you complete it. - 2:30
8. Smart Fields
With smart fields, we can make our audit process streamlined and even better by using logic. - 6:11
9. Customise Reports
iAuditor can make your finished report look great with many customisable options, including your logo and business colours.- 2:21
10. Work in Teams
Did you know that if you work in a team, and need to easily share your templates and audits with others, there's an easier way? - 1:31

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What are people saying about iAuditor?

“Our time for writing reports has gone from 5 days to 5 minutes.”

- Darren Hunter, Cement Australia

“Fantastic What an amazing app. Easy, quick and heaps of online help topics. Really going to change the way I work. Great stuff.”

- Tony Dunn

“Flippin awesome!!!! A great help. Portable, paperless. Just what one needs when you are auditing outside in unpleasant weather conditions.”

- Gordon van Rooyen

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Integrate with SafetyCulture

iAuditor is free to use as is. However, if you sign in with your SafetyCulture account, you’ll also enjoy constant back-up, management and syncing of all devices in your own private, secure cloud environment.

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Sunshine Crane Repairs is the only crane repair business on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. [View Case Study]


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