HSF and iAuditor - Getting Australia Safely Back to Business

Working together to bring Australia safely back to business

The businesses that will shine post COVID-19 are the ones best able to adapt responsively during and after the COVID-19 crisis. We’re partnering together to help as many Australian businesses back to what they do best – safely.

We have selected iAuditor checklist templates geared towards getting you and your teams up and running as easily as possible so you can ensure the right inspections are being done at the right time. Members will also be invited to a Safely Back to Business webinar held by SafetyCulture where you can learn to optimise your iAuditor account.


iAuditor is your very own early warning system:


Safety has become a differentiator that will attract customers and talent in the same way as product quality. It’s now a core component of brand reputation across industries and a permanent agenda item for every board meeting. A huge priority will be establishing an early warning system because businesses must prioritise the safety of their people and customers. With iAuditor you can share inspection reports with customers, partners, contractors and other teams just by clicking a button. This commitment to putting people first and adopting a safety culture holds the key to getting the world safely back to business.

Neil Jackson
Director Sales and Success (APAC), SafetyCulture

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Over 50,000 teams across the world trust iAuditor

“iAuditor is the best app I have ever downloaded. It saves a heap of time on site and then when I am at home, the task is already done; no more sitting at the computer writing out reports.”

Donald Kempf

Owner of Sunshine Crane Repairs

"A formalized process with iAuditor has been a big part of my success here at Lowe’s.”

Enrique Espinoza

Process Improvement Manager for Lowe’s

“When I get a report, I want to know what I have to fix and where. I need immediately feedback so I can be proactive about potential problems. iAuditor gives us the real-time feedback we need.”

Brandon Burt

General Manager with Burt Brothers

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"Clients want quick and reliable service. With iAuditor, routine safety inspections are done on site, it’s just so easy. You can send a report at the touch of a button."

- Donald Kempf, Owner of Sunshine Crane Repair

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“iAuditor gives everyone in the company, from field employees to directors, visibility over the entire organization.”

- Enrique Espinoza, Process Improvement Manager with Lowe's

“When I get a report, I want to know what I have to fix and where. I need immediate feedback so I can be proactive about potential problems. iAuditor gives us that real-time information we need.”

- Brandon Burt, General Manager with Burt Brothers