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From daily brand standards checks, to store manager visits and monthly audits,
here are six great retail inspection checklists you can start using right away.

Each template can be customised to suit your needs, or create your own.


Store Brand Standards Template

This Retail Store Checklist template can be used for inspecting signage, entrances and exits and security for retail stores. Edit this template and create your own brand standards checklist.


Retail Operational Audit

Use this template to perform a monthly or weekly audit of retail operations. Includes security, safety and risk management, policy and procedures, housekeeping and more.


Target - Daily Store Tour Checklist

This detailed daily store tour checklist allows you to make sure all areas of your department or retail store meet brand standards. Download and edit this template to make it your own.


American Apparel - Asset Protection Store Audit

Use this Stock Loss Prevention template to monitor stores compliance to security and risk management policies.


Supermarket - Store Manager Review Checklist

This detailed checklist demonstrates how to perform a review of each department to monitor brand standards, quality and safety.


Officeworks - Area Manager Store Visit Report

Use iAuditor to monitor store visits and trends over time. Ensure brand standards are met. Create and share reports.

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