Your colleagues are vastly increasing the speed & visibility of inspections

Hey Hilton! iAuditor here. Your colleagues are driving new levels of hotel visibility, efficiency and compliance, all through our digital inspections and auditing app. They've seen some great results; inspection admin has been reduced to a minimum and data is instantly accessible.

Hotel inspections have never been so easy to perform, so if you're focused on operations, compliance, quality or safety, we should talk!

Don't believe it? iAuditor has already had a major impact on a range of your inspections, from security audits to vehicle inspections. Get in touch and we'll show you how.

How are your colleagues using iAuditor at Hilton?

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"I looked at year over year performance to see how we’re doing this year compared to last year and it crushes it... To see that level of change speaks a lot about a system like iAuditor."

Kelly Vos, General Manager at Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton

Raising standards globally

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Improving guest satisfaction with delicious and safe food

iAuditor has helped this hotel serve the highest standard of food to over three thousand guests every year with compliance and quality audits in place.


Point satisfaction increase


Increasing ratings through brand standards

Facing lower ratings and occupancy rates year on year led to the pursuit of conducting daily quality inspections to uplift standards and impact ratings positively.

1 star

Increase on TripAdvisor


Increase in occupancy


Boost in accountability leads to big savings

Hosting 1,200 events every year brings challenges- including paying $1M in compliance damages. After implementing iAuditor to boost accountability, the center saved time and money.


Saved from reduced damages

Discover how other companies are using iAuditor

We've got all sorts of checklists to cover all sorts of scenarios from risk assessments to equipment audits. Take a look for yourself!


"We had to deliver a solution that resonates beyond the store manager. We believe we’ve hit the mark with iAuditor, helping them manage the shop and ultimately giving customers a shop they can trust."

- Simon McBurney, Senior Delivery Analyst

Simon needed a scalable solution to replace Cole's inefficient paper-based audit process. The ease of implementation allowed Simon to roll iAuditor out across all of Cole's 760 stores, allowing them to identify trends and get comprehensive visibility over internal processes.

"200 construction workers, 24/7 and our expectation is zero incidents. And with iAuditor, that enables us to achieve that."

Conrad Banez, Certified Health and Safety Technologist

See how teams use iAuditor

Get everyone on the same paperless page

Convert your paper forms to an iAuditor inspection in minutes, share with the rest of your team, and inspect away.

Generate instant, professional reports

The days of double entry are over. Transform your completed inspections into beautiful, customized reports with one tap.

Get a bird's eye view with analytics

Determine what's working and what's not, so you can focus on where it matters. Spot frequently failed items at a glance.