Create a checklist template

Download an industry specific checklist template from our public library or create your own template with the simple drag and drop interface. Add question fields, multiple choice fields, digital signatures, GPS locations, and more.


Take your checklist to the next level

Add logic to your checklists with our advanced features like Smart and Dynamic Fields. Smart Fields allow you to build a database of hundreds of questions while only showing relevant information based on what answer the auditor selects. Dynamic Fields allow you to add multiple sets of the same questions without having to retype it. Display information visually by including images or diagrams for clarity in communicating with auditors in the field.


Conduct audits anywhere

Conduct an audit on the spot using your mobile device. SafetyCulture iAuditor works in remote locations. Capture photos and mark up your images to effectively report your findings. Click ‘Start Audit’ to instantly capture data in the field.


Share audit reports and findings

Never write another report with SafetyCulture iAuditor's instant reports, available to export in a range of formats. Customize the reports to suit your company branding and display your findings that makes sense to your business. Share it instantly across teams and to management.


Visualize analytics

See audit data at a high level to track compliance and safety initiatives to meet standards across your business. Gain visibility across your entire organization by collecting data and analyzing it in SafetyCulture. Real-time data updates will ensure you see areas that need improving or where your business is excelling.


Organization and admin control

Create a SafetyCulture organization and customize according to branding standards. Ensure the right people have access to the right audits through admin controls.


Automatic syncing and data backup

Audit data syncs automatically to the cloud, ensuring your analytics show in real-time.