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Our customers told us how SafetyCulture iAuditor helps them reduce incidents, save money, and make teams more productive.

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23% Fewer Incidents

fewer safety incidents
on average

An average saving of $21,735 per year in direct injury costs to a large construction company in the US

injury costs

The average injury costs $27,000 in direct costs

injury time

Every 7 seconds a worker is injured at work

injury savings

The overall cost of injuries at work is $170b annually


of average wage savings per year for teams

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Save Time. Save Money.

more inspections

saved each inspection

faster reports

Savings based on time saved inspecting and data processing.
Not counting all the other things... (fewer incidents, higher quality, paper savings)


of customers say iAuditor is making a positive difference in their workplace


of customers say iAuditor put them more in control of their operations


of customers say iAuditor made their team more accountable


of customers say using iAuditor means problems get solved faster than before

Go Paperless!

4 3 4 , 8 0 2 , 5 5 9

Pages Saved Already! We aren’t just saving trees, that’s also:

400 million fewer pages of inspections to review

400 million less pieces of paper cluttering your desk

400 million fewer sheets to data entry


inspections have been completed with iAuditor while you have been reading this!

That is 1 every 3 seconds

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All data was collected by SafetyCulture in April and May 2017. Figures are averaged across all respondents. All statistics based on US dollars and figures.
Wage figures sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016 National Industry-Specific Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates
Injury rate adopted from Bureau of Labor Statistics, Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses and the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.
The average safety incident in the US costs $27,000 in direct cost to the employer. Injury cost sourced from: Waehrer, G. M., Dong, X. S., Miller, T., Haile, E., & Men, Y. (2007). Costs of Occupational Injuries in Construction in the United States. Accident; Analysis and Prevention, 39(6), 1258–1266.