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Good Manufacturing Practice Audits Made Simple

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) covers production from start to finish—from the materials, premises, and equipment, to the training and hygiene of staff. It is a big process, and the regulators that govern GMP expect detailed, written procedures for each process that could affect the quality of your finished product. 

The above illustration shows a typical GMP audit process. 

The above illustration shows that Jim is using paper systems for his GMP audits. He carries his clipboard and camera around, manually checking and recording production lines, broken objects, and cool room temperatures. He searches for his workers to explain and assign corrective actions, and hopes they'll follow through. Once complete, he files his paper and tries to remember the details needed to write the report he'll talk management through the next day. All photos are uploaded into a folder on his computer for future reference.

The exacting details can be hard to keep track of if you’re not using the latest digital technology. Using old paper methods to track your GMP is time consuming and unnecessary – digital checklists and systems can save you time, encourage compliance and create rich data sets that will help build even better manufacturing processes.


The above illustration shows a much simpler process of doing GMP audits with digital checks.

Alana, on the other hand, has moved to the digital age. All the inspection gear she needs is on her phone to check production and document issues, including Bluetooth thermometer integration. She can write, speak, snap pictures, and assign actions on the spot. From her inspection, she can instantly send and store professional reports.


The following reasons are why many QA managers and teams around the world trust iAuditor to conduct the GMP audits.

  • Gain safety and quality insight: Instant reporting gives you a constant pulse on performance of manufacturing initiatives.
  • Integrate seamlessly: Connect iAuditor directly to integrated systems for maintenance and asset tracking, payroll, and GIS to simplify processes and amplify reporting.
  • Maximize compliance: iAuditor requires no training to use. Frontline workers can start conducting audits in minutes.
  • Standardize across teams: All inspection templates are centralized for standardization across sites, teams, and processes.
  • Automate communication: Receive alerts when critical safety or quality issues arise or when audit scores start to drop. Decreased incidents to increase quality and safety compliance.
  • Streamline audits, save time: Eliminate manual entry. Attach notes and media directly into inspections.

If you are an Operations, EHS and Quality Assurance Leader in F&B Manufacturing industry and would like to see how iAuditor can help you drive 3-5x more efficiency, within the first 2-4 weeks of implementation, get in touch today!


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