You’re trying to elevate the quality and safety of your workplace, not keep track of endless paper forms and audits. Paperless auditing takes away the administrative burden of reporting and allows you to focus on the actual safety and quality of your workplace. By implementing digital forms, you get real-time updates on audit performance, roll out new audits easily to anyone in your organization, and easy tracking of completed audits. Paperless forms offer the ability to bring your auditing tool into the field with you, straight from your mobile device.

Take your checklists paperless so you can:

  • Avoid manual data entry
  • Analyze trends in automatically-collected audit data
  • Automate communication in your team
  • Standardize auditing processes
SafetyCulture iAuditor

2.47 million trees are cut down each day to produce paper

lost documents

7.5% of all documents printed
are lost

paper stacks

300 million tons of paper are produced each year

Save trees with SafetyCulture iAuditor

"iAuditor is the future! This app combined with the SafetyCulture website has revolutionized my organization’s safety program. Excited for the continued improvement and added features.”

- GolfSafety

Convert paper audits to digital forms

Despite the fact that paper audits no longer make sense for most businesses, many are still waiting to make the switch to paperless. Professionals in the office today spend 20% to 30% of their day filing, searching and retrieving documents, but only 5%-15% of that time reading the actual documents. The ability to create digital forms and conduct audits and inspections is made easy by technology.

Save implementation, filing and rework time with digital forms

The process of getting paper audits into multiple hands for review and completion takes a lot of time. Staff at different locations may be using outdated audits, which makes standardization across your company nearly impossible. If you have a business with multiple project sites and offices, the only way to efficiently get that paper form in the hands of your workers is to scan, fax, or manually get it to them. Imagine if you could update an audit with new standards, and with the click of a button, have that same audit in the hands of field workers. Instant visibility into your business is one step away with digital forms and a mobile inspection software system.

Some of the top causes of rework can be solved through digital forms as well, which enhance communication between the office and the field. Rework happens on projects thanks to factors like: unclear instructions to workers, poor document control, last minute changes, lack of safety and quality assurance/quality control, and overall poor communication. Cumbersome paper forms can lead to outdated information and miscommunications between the office and the field.

According to a study conducted by Metricstream, time spent on auditing tasks decreased by:

60% in audit planning
30% in audit execution
40% in audit reviews
65% in analysis and reporting

4 reasons paper-free is good for your business

Time saving

1. Time saving

Collect data anywhere using mobile inspection software and gain real-time updates on what’s happening in the field. Capture images and extra information right within the digital form, no need to wait until you get back to the office to add attachments in an email. You also eliminate the need to manually enter data into an Excel document or other data tracking software.

Centralized auditing system

2. Centralized auditing system

With each field worker using the same system, managers in every field can leverage the collective knowledge of employees on the front lines. See from a high level where initiatives can be improved and where they’re having a positive impact on safety and quality across the organization as a whole.

Real-time insights

3. Real-time insights

Paper documents are often damaged, illegible or lost. Get more insights into the valuable data you’re collecting by going paperless and not having to worry about storing or maintaining paper audits. Plus, as soon as audits are conducted in the field, you can see the results in the office. Field workers notify managers as soon as hazards crop up, so they can be addressed before they become incidents.

Cost savings

4. Cost savings

Even without accounting for labor costs of employees, a paperless office saves roughly $80 per employee annually in costs related to paper, ink, toner, storage space, and postage. These costs don’t even begin to factor in rework as well. Current estimates in construction attribute a 5% increase in overall project cost to rework. Digital forms enhance communication and streamline safety and quality assurance programs to minimize rework.

How to go paperless with SafetyCulture iAuditor

SafetyCulture iAuditor is a software system designed to help you take your auditing process paperless. You can get started in seconds with SafetyCulture iAuditor and never use a paper form again. Download SafetyCulture iAuditor and create a digital form with drag and drop ease. Then share that form with workers in the field and start collecting insights into safety and quality initiatives.

Go from paper to mobile with digital forms

Go from paper to mobile with digital forms

When using a paper form, rolling out updates or entirely new paper templates is incredibly time consuming and resource-intensive. With SafetyCulture iAuditor’s inspection app, you can create mobile forms and get complete control of the data you collect, plus roll out updates in a few seconds. SafetyCulture iAuditor gives you full control over how your collect information to make real-time decisions as soon as it’s received. There are a number of reasons to make the switch to go paper free, and no, fillable PDFs are not going paperless.

Why fillable PDFs don’t mean paper free

A fillable PDF still requires you to print and store a paper document. They aren’t making your process any easier or saving you time. You can fill out the form right on your tablet, but that is not fully leveraging mobile capabilities. By clicking on each space and entering data, you are dedicating time to a process that could be automated. The key to going paperless it to swap out your existing process with a smarter alternative. By completing your inspections and audits regularly using a mobile audit system, you can collect data in real-time and have that available within minutes of heading back to your paperless office.

How one business saves 8,000 pieces of paper a year

"The technology has helped us massively as we are now able to be a lot more mobile in the checks, include detailed reports, photos in the checks, have PDF’s copied created and can be emailed to anyone and then saved easily onto our systems. We have reduced our costs in paper, in waste as well as staff training in completing all the checks."
- Dan Flippance, Assistant Manager for the Operations Team at Valley Leisure Limited


Valley Leisure Limited is a UK-based health and wellbeing organization who uses SafetyCulture iAuditor to conduct their regular audits. By switching away from paper audits, they have completely transformed the way they collect crucial data about their business.

A digital auditing process:

  • Saves 8,000 pieces of paper a year with digital forms
  • Saves money on recycling and confidential disposal of waste
  • Saves on cost of labor thanks to quicker auditing and reporting
  • Provides in-depth analytics for health and safety regulations

Let SafetyCulture iAuditor transform your paper audits into digital forms in minutes