Getting Started with Heads Up in SafetyCulture

Workplace communications made easy

Keep everyone in the know and break through the noise with Heads Up! Inform, alert and connect with your team quickly and confidently with acknowledgement.

Close the communication gap!

Don’t waste time with poor communication practices and lost messages.

It’s important to have a reliable communication channel, to inform, alert and connect with team members and get the message delivered right every time.

Traditional means like email simply don’t cut it! Why? 1 in 3 frontline workers feel like management is 'out of touch' with their role based on the current form of communications received, like email.

Send a Heads Up for any topic!

Heads Up allows you the flexibility to communicate anything from announcements and reminders to training, with the ability to see who acknowledges your message.

Ask yourself:

What important updates or changes would you like your team to be across?

What new information or news do you want to up-skill your team on?

What are some questions that teams are commonly confused or curious about?

Get started in a few quick steps!

Rolling out something new in a workplace can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it easy for you.

Messages received, loud and clear

Communicate with confidence by creating video messages so you can get your message across as intended every time.

Create more interaction with your team

Connect everyone in your team with Heads Up. Users can view the message and leave a comment, keeping communication flowing.

Reach your team, no matter where they are

Break through the noise and get critical messages to your teams immediately, no matter their environment.

Know you’ve been heard!

Never worry about a missed communication again. Keep a digital record of views, acknowledgements, and reminders, all from within SafetyCulture.

Tips & Tricks

Get the most out of Heads Up
  • Make the most of digital content!

    It’s no surprise that employees are used to the visual nature of today’s world. Bring this into the workplace by using images, video or infographics to give a richer and more engaging experience.
  • Connect with video, but keep it short and sweet

    Video doesn’t have to be time-consuming or perfectly planned. Scrappy is good, even preferred! Send a quick update with video to your team - authentic, relevant content is what works!
  • Use your device of choice to create Heads Up content

    You can knock out internal communication videos with nothing but the camera on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Simply sit in front of your device and talk through an email you otherwise would have sent.
  • Use video how it works for you!

    Feeling camera shy? No problem! Show a relevant graph, diagram or slide on your computer and record your screen while talking through the message you want to share. Or, just keep it simple and pull up a nice image to accompany your voice over.
  • Less is more!

    Keep Heads Up descriptions short and to the point. Avoid sending large paragraphs as you would an email - let the video or images do the talking.
  • Don’t forget to attach media & links

    Heads Up is a powerful tool for distribution, attaching media and links highlights the importance of a message.
  • Don’t use Heads Up for everything

    Don’t use Heads Up for everything
    We recommend keeping the channel clear for important communications your team must know about. This way your team knows each and every Heads Up is a must-see.
  • Don’t overdo it, be selective!

    When choosing who to send your message to, leverage your groups in SafetyCulture to ensure the right information is getting to the right people. If it’s not relevant for the whole team, keep the recipients small.

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How DB Schenker rewrote the playbook on their frontline communications strategy with Heads Up!

SafetyCulture paired with Heads Up is engaging the frontline with the issues and messages that should matter to them most. They are proactively approaching the QSHE team with ideas, issues and actions.

“It’s nice to see that a feature as simple as this has made a difference to the frontline”.
- Tiffany Argent, QSHE Cluster Lead Manager