Take your temperature data to the next level with Smart Temp

Plug your temperature readings straight into your inspection flow for 100% accuracy and no manual error. Get a notification as soon as a temperature falls outside of the safe range.

Maintain high standards by eliminating food safety risk

Leading brands make customer health the number one priority. iAuditor’s bluetooth thermometer connection allows you to take control of food safety.

No more manual error in temperature readings

Accuracy is critical when it comes to maintaining high food quality. Capture precise readings to identify risks instantly.

No more manual error in temperature readings

Receive a notification when a temperature falls outside of the safe range

Instant notifications make it easy for staff and managers to uncover critical issues that require immediate attention.

Identify undercooked food items before they become a problem

Use iAuditor’s scheduling feature to conduct three daily checks to surface issues before they affect your customer or your brand’s reputation.

High Quality Food
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Compatible Thermometers

RayTemp Blue

RayTemp Blue

Releasing soon

Trial with a Cooper Atkins Bluetooth Thermometer

Contact us to organise a bluetooth thermometer and level up your temperature recordings.

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