iAuditor for the food and beverage industry, the most powerful checklist app for quality assurance and compliance audits

  • Digitize all paper checklists and conduct inspections in half the time.
  • Manage quality assurance efforts with scheduling then generate automated reports.
  • Immediately communicate quality and compliance issues with your team.

Take Your Paper Checklists Digital

Build your frequently used paper checklists in iAuditor

  • Create your own templates with drag and drop ease.
  • Build smart logic into your inspection checklists, attached annotated images, add approval signatures, and more.
  • Share your templates with your team and start conducting digital audits.
iAuditor Template Editor

Discover how food and beverage companies like yours are using iAuditor

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Deliver Quality Food Products and Reduce Foodborne Illness Risk

Centralize and manage your auditing processes

  • Conduct food safety compliance and quality assurance audits at your facility.
  • Automate your audit reports and immediately update your team.
  • Take preventative and corrective actions with analytics of your data.

Kelly Vohs

General Manager of Boca Raton

"I looked at year over year performance to see how we’re doing this year compared to last year and it crushes it. Food and beverage is up 15 points in terms of a guest satisfaction standpoint. To see that level of change speaks a lot about a system like iAuditor." View Case Study


Simon Berton

Director, Infocus Management Group Pty Ltd

"The first day I used iAuditor I was out at a school, auditing four different sections of a school. So the time saving using iAuditor that day, in theory, paid for the iPad we just bought." View Case Study

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Weave mobile auditing into your quality efforts to manage brand standards and create a higher quality experience for customers


Raise the service levels with regular audits

Exceed your customers' expectations and provide a quality guest experience with iAuditor. Maintain high brand standards by creating uniform checklist templates across your entire operation.


Build forms to suit your business

Create mystery shopper forms, food and hygiene inspections, kitchen audits and more. Implementation is as easy as creating templates, sharing them with your staff, and receiving data your workers have collected on duty.


Gain visibility over your operations

Maintaining high standards means knowing which services are lacking across your operation. By undertaking more audits in less time, you can make more informed decisions about food and beverage services. By capturing data from your staff, you can ensure you’re trending towards world-class service.


Empower everyone to maintain quality

Management can have their finger on the pulse to ensure all stores are compliant. Allow your staff to work efficiently as possible with iAuditor. Implementation is easy and adoption is pain-free.


Automate communication

Get reports as soon as audits are completed. Real-time insight into your operations mean you can address issues immediately and improve the quality of your service.


Integrate seamlessly

Connect your iAuditor data with other business systems like Salesforce, SharePoint, Dropbox and more. Our integrations allow you to customize and analyze your data in your own systems.


Manage compliance

Stay ahead of compliance with scheduled regular audits. Digital inspections provide proof to authorities you are running a quality operation. Customize your reports to send to health inspectors to show you have identified and rectified issues.


Track performance with scores

Add scores to quantify and compare performance areas. Using iAuditor scoring to evaluate kitchen cleanliness, conditions of hotel rooms or staff service. Assign follow-up tasks to allow actionable improvements.


Real-time data analysis

Use data to track deficiencies and action them immediately to ensure high standards of service. iAuditor gives you detailed insights into your operations.