Transformative Tech in Facilities Management (EMEA)

Improving accountability, driving excellence: the future of technology in facilities management | Roundtable Discussion

Demands on the facilities management sector have peaked. 

Meeting customer expectations, managing sites remotely, keeping operations efficient, streamlined and compliant: FM must up its game, all with less people on the ground. But how do we rise to the challenge?

Could tech be the key to unlock possibilities and solve some of the greatest challenges facing the sector? 

Welcoming a global panel of industry experts from Sodexo, Atalian Servest, Mitie and more, this roundtable event will open the floor to discussion on the biggest challenges and changes facing the industry: and the critical role technology can (and must) play in taking facilities management to the next level. 

We’ll be asking big questions like: 

  • The status quo: are current tech solutions meeting the mark? 
  • Real-time visibility: how do we see what’s really happening on the ground? 
  • Accountability and validation: how do we prove what’s being done and when? 
  • Post-COVID reality: can tech help us meet increased demand with less? 
  • Managing from afar: how do we monitor and manage at a distance?
  • The data problem: how do we sync systems and get data flowing?
  • IoT and emerging FM technologies: what’s the opportunity…and the risk?

It’s on each of us to take FM to the next level: help shape the discussion. 

Sign up today and put your questions to those at the forefront of FM as part of this interactive roundtable event. 

4 Mar 2021

15:00 - 16:00 (GMT)

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