Safely Navigating the Unknown

Prioritising the safety of your staff and customers amidst uncertainty


Many thought it would not happen again, but it did. 

Nationwide lockdowns. 

Businesses closing their doors to the public, again.

There is a lot outside our control right now. Safety shouldn’t be.


Two things we know for sure:

  • Now more than ever, customers and employees expect a safe experience.
  • Guidance is everywhere, but theoretical advice, paper, and clipboard will only get us so far if we don’t implement a strong execution plan on the ground.

So what are leading organisations doing to move beyond compliance and towards operational excellence as this situation evolves? 

Join SafetyCulture’s Natasha Ale and Olivia Granneman, as they discuss what companies have been doing to manage the physical requirements to reopen, through to the checks and procedures required on an ongoing basis, and how important it is to have a data-driven early warning system.

Take 45 minutes and walk away with tactical tips you can implement immediately to optimise your company’s return to work strategy based on experience from the iAuditor global customer base.

22 Jul 2021

11:00 - 11:45 (AEST)