Introducing 'Heads Up'

Workplace communications made easy with Heads Up











We understand that the lines of communication to frontline workers are fragmented, confusing, and at times non-existent, so we’re making workplace communications easier with Heads Up.

In this 45 min session, we’ll discuss how to close the communication gap in your workplace with our latest feature: Heads Up.

Sean McCutcheon, Customer Success Manager, SafetyCulture
Jacob Tait, Senior Product Manager, SafetyCulture
Tiffany Argent, Customer Engagement Executive, SafetyCulture

You’ll learn how to keep everyone in the know by delivering engaging one-to-many communications with acknowledgement, so you can:
– Easily create engaging messages that are just as easy to consume.
– Provide a trusted way to reach your frontline workers.
– Give leaders confidence the message has landed.

You’ll also hear how Tiffany Argent successfully implemented Heads Up at DB Schenker and unlocked the true value of the SafetyCulture platform. 

It’s time to eliminate the disconnect and bring leadership and frontline teams together on a single platform that’s intuitive and accessible to everyone!

10 Mar 2022

10:00 - 10:45 (GMT+11)