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Reduce safety risk by conducting audits from anywhere and easily communicating hazards to your team. Improve performance with inspections completed in half the time.

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iAuditor for Engineering

iAuditor is the world’s most used checklist inspection app, and is currently used by one million people monthly. It allows engineers to conduct audits and file reports in real-time to ensure quality control over their projects.

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Download Free Engineering Checklist Templates

These are just some of the 57,000 checklist templates in the iAuditor library. You can customise these in seconds using iAuditor’s simple drag and drop template editor.

Engineering Procedures Audit

Engineering Procedures Audit

Ensure the design department are adhering to procedures. With an engineering procedures audit, you can set clear project expectations from the beginning and have complete visibility over your operation. Manage all on-site demands from your mobile device.

Civil Engineering and Construction Sites

Civil Engineering and Construction Sites

Manage project complexities with a civil engineering and construction site audit. Ensure your work site is complying to safety standards.

Pre Start Risk Assessment

Pre Start Risk Assessment

Engineering projects involve many complexities. By performing a basic risk assessment all workers on site can be across what hazards they might come across. This checklist can be modified to suit any engineering project.

Q & T Monthly Workplace Inspection

Q & T Monthly Workplace Inspection

Whether your engineering project is for a civil, structural, mechanical or something else, every project manager needs to perform quality inspections. This checklist allows engineers to perform routine monthly workplace inspections.

BOC Customer Engineering Quotation and Work Request

BOC Customer Engineering Quotation and Work Request

Set clear expectations by managing quotes and work requests digitally. iAuditor gives you the ability to complete quotes as they come in quickly and efficiently. Engineering projects rely on your ability to deliver on time and set specifications.

Public Library

Create custom checklist templates or download suggested checklists

Create your own checklist or browse our public library of 60,000 templates. Checklist inspection app, iAuditor has the largest collection of engineering checklists in the world. You can choose a checklist that matches your site requirements or create your own templates from scratch. Visit Public Library

How to create your own engineering checklist in under 5 minutes

  1. Download iAuditor and open the Template section
  2. Drag and drop what you need in your inspection template
  3. Set your own questions, add signatures and build logic into your inspection checklist
  4. Preview template
  5. Share your template or start conducting your audit
iAuditor Template Builder

Weave mobile auditing into your engineering project to maximize compliance deliver projects on time.


Conduct smart checklists from anywhere

With a mobile-first platform, iAuditor allows anyone to conduct audits in the field easily and share reports with clients, managers, or across teams.


Create templates to suit your business

iAuditor allows you to create audit templates in minutes from any device so you can inspect and collect data in real-time. Create procedure audits, pre-start risk assessments, work requests and more to accelerate your project.


Gain critical insight into your projects and organization

Collect and analyze project data from all of your workers in one place with iAuditor. Get granular detail into areas you can improve and manage all your on-site demands with your mobile or tablet device. Ensure your workers, contractors and subcontractors are maintaining a high standard over the duration of your project.


Get insights into safety effectiveness

Instant reporting from each job site will give you a constant pulse on how safety initiatives are performing.


Automate communication

Set up alerts to be notified when safety or project issues arise. Get automated SMS messages or emails as audits are completed or if they score below a certain percentage.


Integrate seamlessly

Connect your iAuditor data with SharePoint, Salesforce, Dropbox, or other business systems using our API, available to Premium plan users.


Manage documentation

iAuditor gives you clarity and standardization across your entire project. Every worker and contractor can be on the same page when you are using the same templates. Make updates on the spot and share with your team instantly.


Maximize compliance

With an easy-to-use interface, iAuditor requires no training. Frontline workers can start conducting audits in minutes, not days.


Save time by streamlining auditing

Attach notes and media directly in an audit without manually entering information back in an office to finalize a report.

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Donald Kempf

Sunshine Crane Repairs

"The Best App I have ever downloaded. This app saves a heap of time on site and then when I am at home, the task is already done; no more sitting at the computer writing out reports." View Case Study


Peter Giannos

HSE Manager, NA Civil

"iAuditor has made us a lot more organised. So using half the effort we used to put into paper, we’ve now become 100 times more organised" View Case Study

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