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Connect your sensors and data feeds so that you can monitor conditions in real-time. Be alerted when things go out of range, respond in time, and keep everything in one place, at your fingertips.

SafetyCulture offers automated, sensor-based monitoring for rooms, equipment (e.g. walk-in coolers), storage areas, and production environments using low-cost, simple to install sensors.

Sensors accurately capture environmental metrics every 10 minutes and provide real-time and historical visibility across sites and assets globally. Sensors can also be configured to send alerts when readings exceed a specified threshold for a particular duration, (e.g. above 5°C/41°F for 30 minutes) to the right people to enable effective, timely action.

Already have a smart solution capturing data on your behalf? Let’s make it work better  for you. You can bring all sorts of data into iAuditor, even if it’s from a publicly available data feed like  the local weather. If you can track it as a line in a chart, you can track it in iAuditor. Realize the value of real-time alerts, connected actions, and a secure history of all your data.

Who this report is for:

  • Manufacturing and supply chain owners and leaders
  • Operations managers 
  • Risk managers
  • Quality managers
  • Health and safety managers

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