Finding the bright spots

How the hospitality industry can win back customers after COVID-19

It’s fair to say that cafes, restaurants and bars took the first hit when the pandemic began to take hold. It started with increased social distancing, and the refusal of those who had recently traveled to countries where the virus was rampant. Since then, COVID-19 has taken hold of several countries rapidly, and it created a domino effect in the hospitality industry. Businesses quickly closed, independent cafes and bars suffered huge losses of trade, and thousands lost their jobs.


This comprehensive report dives deep into trends and insights in the hospitality industry as COVID-19 unfolds around the world. Use it as your playbook to get safely back to business. Inside you’ll find free checklists to help you get safely back to business, like:

  • Cafe and restaurant reopening checklists
  • Daily food safety & hygiene checklists
  • Risk assessment templates
  • Cleaning schedule templates

Who this report is for:

  • Hospitality business owners

  • Senior business leaders 

  • Operations managers

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