How to Build Strong EHS Cultures in 2021

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Discover emerging trends and technology to help EHS professionals drive best practices across all sectors.

Businesses were quickly forced into new ways of working last year, kickstarting one of the largest unplanned experiments the modern workplace has ever seen. 

As companies navigate a safe return to the workplace, there is a need for EHS professionals to recalibrate the meaning of ‘low-risk’.  Increased health and safety responsibility call for a shift in how workplace safety is managed. 


Digitization will be a core facilitator of this shift. Examine deployment and adoption techniques to help EHS professionals leverage technology to drive excellence in safety such as:

  • Driving frictionless experiences
  • Using micro-behaviors to drive lasting change
  • Building agile, data-driven solutions

In an overwhelmingly distributed workforce, going digital is more than just the key to connection, it’s the key to better and safer processes.


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