Valley Leisure Fitness Center

Valley Leisure conducts inspections to keep their operations running smoothly and provide an excellent guest experience.

8 full facility inspections per week

8,000 pieces of paper saved per year

100+ pieces of equipment inspected

We use SafetyCulture for

Dan Flippance, Assistant Manager for the Operations Team, realized that his team spent too much time and resources completing audits. They had to print, complete and scan audits, as well as attach photos to reports before sharing with the rest of the organization. “We needed a more robust, adaptable app/software system,” he says.

“SafetyCulture has helped us massively. Now we can carry mobile devices in the checks then include detailed reports and photos. We create PDF reports and share them with the team or save them onto our systems.”

Dan Flippance
Assistant Manager for Operations

Once Dan and his team implemented SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor), they drastically reduced their paper waste, saving 8,000 pieces of paper per year. This saved them money on disposal of confidential documents and recycling as well. Thanks to a decrease in reporting time, Valley Leisure saved on staffing costs, but ended up getting even more in depth insight into their processes.

The reports not only provide a great way to maintain visibility into each branch, but they also provide data that Valley Leisure can use to improve processes. Dan is able to see which machines need to be replaced when, but also track day-to-day tasks to ensure equipment is being properly cared for. When he works with third parties like contractors or engineers for facilities maintenance, he can provide a comprehensive guide to what he’ll be checking and track progress.

Not only does Dan appreciate the app itself, but he leans on the SafetyCulture Support team for any roadblocks.

“The support is exceptional. SafetyCulture are always happy to listen to new ideas and concepts to further develop the software. Valley Leisure have made suggestions that we’ve seen actually implemented.”

Dan Flippance
Assistant Manager for Operations at Valley Leisure

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