RFP360 are a software company who work with organizations all over the world. Here's their experience on returning safely back to business during COVID-19.

Daunting considerations

David Lintz, the CEO, said: “I never thought I’d be part of a pandemic.” 

“There was a strong interest from employees to get back into the office, to get back to a positive culture, and the considerations were daunting. Our employees are our biggest asset, and my concern became ‘well, how do I protect those employees?'”

Staff utilized the iAuditor app to integrate new processes and systems, to make sure hygiene rules were followed, and distancing enforced.


‘It was thinking of things I hadn’t thought of’

David Ulson, COO, says: ‘Using iAuditor provides peace of mind. Their checklists were comprehensive, and the app was thinking of things I hadn’t thought of. We saw the benefit not just in terms of risk reduction from a legal perspective, but for the health and safety of those who make it possible.”


Greater employee confidence

Ultimately, using digital checklists to return to work built the confidence of RFP360 leader, and also the confidence of their employees. Ulson remarks, “I can look my employees in the eye and know that we’re making the right decisions”.


Want to see how iAuditor can play a role in your COVID-19 operations? Check out our COVID-19 Response Hub and access thousands of COVID-19 checklists, resources, and ebooks. 

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