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Radial ensures retail stores have the inventory they need, right when they need it.


Key clients
Kate Spade
Dick's Sporting Goods
Toys 'R' Us

Radial, a leading operations company for retail stores like Kate Spade, DSW and PetSmart, uses iAuditor for monthly safety audits and to ensure the proper shipping and disposal of hazardous materials.

Keith Compton, the Global Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Radial, used to have to conduct site visits at his previous company, which meant he spent more time away from home and more company dollars on travel. Since he’s implemented iAuditor, he says he’s gained visibility into how each site is operating and has a quick reference for discussion points when he meets with site managers.

Thanks to this increased visibility, site managers and contractors know exactly what steps to take to remedy an issue. They can ensure that each shipment is compliant and each shipping facility runs as efficiently as possible. This efficiency and organization leads to higher quality and safer practices for Radial’s employees and customers. 

logistics audits

“iAuditor gives us the ability to register and follow through on any action items and actually address issues. Then we can send information back to the shipper or the site director to request corrections.” Keith Compton, Global Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Radial

Thanks to iAuditor, there is now a team of 20 people performing audits regularly on about 10 different Radial sites. These audits range from monthly safety checks to specific instances of shipping hazardous materials. Sometimes this means randomly inspecting shipped packages to ensure they’ve been packed correctly, or interviewing employees at each site to ensure they’re trained and up-to-date on proper procedures.

Keith can then reference these audits when he works with training managers to highlight areas where training is strong, and where processes need to be implemented to improve.

transport audits

“iAuditor is such an improvement over paper. We have better tracking of how the site is performing and easier references for employee training. Ultimately that keeps everyone safer.”

Keith Compton, Global Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Radial

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