The Queensland State Emergency Service

The Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) uses iAuditor to make sure that they have all the equipment they need, in working order, to keep their community safe.


The countdown is on

The Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer-based emergency service that responds to critical incidents, emergencies, and disasters in Queensland, Australia. 

Whenever an incident occurs, the SES is called in as first responders. As soon as a group of volunteers is dispatched, the clock starts ticking. Whether it’s flooding, a transportation incident, or a search for a missing person, time is the most critical component. The SES needs to act swiftly to save lives, no matter the circumstance. 

Missing equipment, or having faulty equipment during a mission can mean the difference between life and death. Before iAuditor, the SES was using a pen and paper system to make sure that all the right tools were packed before attending an incident. But, once the reality of emergency situations set in, it’s easy to rush and make mistakes. Even if the volunteer teams were able to reach the location in time, having the wrong equipment on hand can halt everything in its track. 

So, how does the the Queensland SES make sure that this seemingly small but critical step is handled correctly every single time? 


Giving first responders the right tools at the right time 

Once the Queensland SES implemented iAuditor, the benefits were instant. It was simple for volunteers to pick up the tool, and the time saved meant that teams can focus on the most main job: saving lives. 


Timing is everything

iAuditor is in the pockets of volunteers at all hours of the day. Instead of having to shuffle around the SES Headquarters to find the right paper checklist, for the right situation, anyone on the team can now pull out their phone and do an equipment inspection on the spot. Volunteers can stay calm and ready to tackle the toughest of emergencies. 


Smart templates for all situations

A flood requires different critical equipment than a landslide. Different conditions require different equipment checklists, and iAuditor’s smart template builder has been key to operationalizing the SES’s service. 

With logic fields and powerful editing features, the Queensland SES has been able to build dynamic checklists that update the equipment list depending on the conditions. This means that volunteers are only ever packing the right tools that they need for the job. 

iAuditor has empowered the Queensland SES to run a smoother operation, maintain consistent record-keeping, and get their volunteers up to speed quickly. iAuditor has enabled the volunteer force to save more lives. 

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