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50% reduction in time spent on-site auditing

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With a personal marine career that extends more than 20 years, Stuart Biesel, President of MTSI, has conducted hundreds of surveys, flag inspections, and audits. Stuart says the only inspection method that was available before was simple paper and pen. Not only was this inefficient in the audit process itself, but there was also the unenviable task of printing, signing, scanning, manual data entry and emailing documentation. This was a constant challenge, not to mention incredibly tedious and time consuming.

“In our business, we’re required to write procedures, checklists, and forms to use onboard yachts and ships. For any company looking to streamline their procedures, and become more efficient, SafetyCulture made all the difference.”

Stuart Biesel
President of MTSI

“Time is a very precious resource in the yachting and shipping industry,” Stuart says. The MTSI crew needed a way to reduce the time it took for crew members to complete their audits onboard vessels.

The directors with MTSI manage documentation across the entire organization much more easily as well. With a centralized digital auditing system, they can ensure that any audit updates are rolled out easily and each vessel gets the same inspection. They can also easily reference old audit reports to pull out important trends. According to Stuart, “Now, with SafetyCulture, we’re able to manage hundreds of documents electronically in a single location and then automatically implement it and provide these custom documents to our clients using an iPad.”

“With SafetyCulture platform, we’ve been able to cut on-site auditing time almost in half by having these digital documents that we can complete in their entirety electronically and send back to their home office.”

Stuart Biesel
President of MTSI

As soon as an audit is completed, employees sign and date the digital checklist immediately, send the report, and stakeholders get key insights immediately. All of the detail from the paper checklists has been preserved or even enhanced in some cases, now that checklists are digitized and employees spend less time on administrative overhead.

“We’ve been searching for years to find a product that would streamline and simplify our auditing process. SafetyCulture allows us to perform better, grow our business and keep our clients are happier.”

Stuart Biesel
President of MTSI

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