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London City Airport processes more than 3 million passengers and 70,000 aircraft each year, and use iAuditor to perform their many daily inspections and third party audits.

Ben Harrison is the Airfield Duty Manager at London City Airport and is tasked, along with his team of about 25 employees, to perform multiple inspections daily. Previously these inspections had been resource intensive and were difficult to organize and track. The daily audits are crucial in monitoring everything from debris on the runway, to behavioral evaluations with employees, to third party auditing.

London City Airport decided they needed a more efficient way to conduct and track audits. Ben says, “With a clipboard and pieces of paper, we would conduct audits twice a day, and on average it was about 5,000 pieces of paper a year we’d use for audits.” All that changed when they went digital.

“The reason we implemented iAuditor is because it’s simple, it’s efficient, it’s quick, and we can create new templates very quickly, which saves us heaps of time.” Ben Harrison, Airfield Duty Manager at London City Airport

Aviation checklist

The airport processes 3.4 million passengers and 70,000 aircraft movements each year.

An app was the obvious choice to make auditing more efficient. “A safety app, for us, has to be reliable, it has to be simple to use, it has to be compliant, and it has to be able to give us data,” says Kevin Wincell, Airfield Operations Manager at London City Airport

“iAuditor reduces cost, improves efficiency but most importantly, enhances safety, our number one priority here at London City Airport. It has revolutionised the way we collate data and share that information” Kevin said.

“London City Airport is an airport that leads from the front, therefore we need an auditing tool that does the same, which is why we use iAuditor.”

Ben Harrison, Airfield Duty Manager at London City Airport

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