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Published August 16th, 2020

What is a School Report?

A school report is a data-focused record of a student’s academic achievement, extracurricular accomplishments, and personal qualities during secondary education, or from grades 6 to 12, typically from ages 12 to 18. School reports are usually filled out by secondary school guidance counselors as a requirement for their graduates’ college applications such as the Common Application, also known as the Common App.

This article will briefly discuss the following:

  1. why use a school report template?;
  2. what are the types of school reports?;
  3. why use mobile-ready school report forms?;
  4. how to ace school report completion;
  5. free mobile-ready school report templates you can download, customize, and use.

Why Use a School Report Template?

A school report template is a tool that can make it easier for secondary students and guidance counselors to answer the background information and ratings needed in a school report. Using mobile-ready school report templates can help ensure the timely completion of school reports, avoiding unnecessary delays when preparing for and upon submission of college applications.

Types of School Reports

The generic term “school report” can actually refer to different documents normally circulated in the U.S. educational system. Generally, here are the two types of school reports based on their specific uses and who produces them:

  • School Report Card

    Every year, the education and public instruction department of each state government such as the New York State Education Department (NYSED), the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI), and Virginia’s School Quality Profiles releases a performance report by school or division, house of delegates or state senate district, and city, county, or zip code.

    A typical school report card or school performance report contains student achievement scores per subject, school attendance, educator qualifications, English proficiency, and school finance. School reports from government agencies aim to show a brief snapshot of a school’s academic growth, teacher quality, college readiness, student climate, and overall school performance. Click here to see an example of this type of school report.

  • Secondary School Report

    A school report can also be defined as the official document that details counselors’ recommendation for their high school graduates’ college applications. Commonly referred to as a “secondary school report”, it basically presents the big picture of a student’s achievement while in secondary school, or middle school and high school.

    A student’s secondary school report is a requirement for the Common App, a non-profit membership organization that lets students access over 800 colleges and universities in a single application. It essentially specifies the student’s class rank, cumulative GPA, and graduation date and describes his or her performance compared to other students in his or her class year as:

    • below average;
    • average;
    • good (above average);
    • very good (well above average);
    • excellent (top 10 percent);
    • outstanding (top 5 percent); or
    • one of the top few the guidance counselor has ever encountered (top 1 percent).

Top 3 Reasons to Use Mobile-ready School Report Forms

School reports used by college applicants need not be burdensome to accomplish. Guidance counselors can help initiate the application process by using mobile-ready school report forms. Listed below are the compelling reasons why secondary schools should use mobile-ready forms for completing school reports and proactively assist their graduates for college readiness, ultimately for successful careers:

  1. Paper-based school reports can easily be lost, destroyed, or forgotten

    Working in the education industry undoubtedly entails a ton of paperwork. It can be a reality that educators have embraced or dreaded, but as long as the amount of paperwork can be decreased to some degree, teachers will definitely be onboard.

    School reports need not be added to that pile on your desk nor be buried in filing cabinets when you can use free mobile-ready forms.

  2. Processing paper forms can take more effort, leading to slower turnaround time

    Potentially one of the various reasons why some high school students are not as enthusiastic about college as their guidance counselor is because of the insurmountable effort it takes to prepare everything they need, not to mention the dedication they should possess throughout the application process.

    Using mobile-ready templates can help reduce your waiting time by having increased accountability in filling out school reports.

  3. Gain a reputation for being an educational institution that’s environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced

    In 2011, the George Lucas Educational Foundation published a research about paper usage in schools, and the findings suggested that a school with 100 teachers would spend roughly $25,000 on paper every year—and that number came from nearly a decade ago, imagine how much more that can unnecessarily cost secondary schools today.

    By harnessing the advantages of technology, not only can you be saving a lot from your school’s budget, but you can also be saving the environment from deforestation, air pollution, and waste problems.

Ace School Report Completion Using iAuditor

Secondary school guidance counselors can be more proactive about completing school reports by using iAuditor’s mobile-ready templates. With iAuditor by SafetyCulture, school report forms are easily accessible as they’re always readily available on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can update and complete school reports even without internet access, and it automatically saves the progress you’ve made.

As long as you grant your students access to a template, they can instantly fill out the information you need to ensure that the school report can be accomplished on or before the time. You can also enable the digital signature with timestamps capability to promote accountability. The moment our mobile-ready template is completed, a school report is automatically generated and it can be sent to designated individuals in real-time.

Ace school report completion and achieve more with iAuditor when you sign up for free today! We’ve compiled 4 of the best school report templates to make it easier for you to get started.


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