Restaurant Operation Checklists

Restaurant procedures checklists are used to ensure that all the necessary tasks of operating a restaurant and delivering exceptional customer service are delivered across each shift. Perform regular walkthroughs before opening, during operations, and before closing to make sure all tasks are done correctly and all corners of the restaurants are inspected.

Get started by downloading from this free collection of restaurant opening, closing and daily kitchen cleaning checklists. We also feature a general restaurant startup checklist you can use to ensure you are ready for the first day of operations. Use these free restaurant procedures checklists on iAuditor - the world’s #1 inspection app.

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1. Restaurant Opening Checklist

This Restaurant Opening Checklist can be used daily by the store manager or shift supervisor before commencement of operations. Evaluate all restaurant equipment and materials like tables, chairs, glasswares, air conditioners, curtains, walls, telephones, etc. Gather and brief your staff regarding the operational responsibilities. Ensure everyone has service kits and is properly groomed. Use iAuditor's camera feature to take photos of areas that need improvement.

2. Restaurant Closing Checklist

Before closing the restaurant doors, it is important to quickly inspect all items and create a report of any issues you had for the day. Start by evaluating cutlery, glassware, and crockery which need to be washed and shifted to dish wash. Next, check counters, tables, chairs, and appliances. Record any breakages that have occurred. Deposit items left by guests in the Lost & Found section. Determine any discrepancies in checks. Turn off lights and powered electrical equipment. Lock doors and windows. Use iAuditor to replace your daily paper form, perform all inspections on your mobile, automatically save all reports online in the cloud.

3. Daily Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Use this Daily Restaurant Cleaning Checklist to inspect front and back of the house everyday. This will help to make sure your restaurant is clean, sanitized, and in order. Use iAuditor the world’s most powerful inspection app to capture photo evidence of dirty areas and facilities.

4. Restaurant Startup Checklist

This checklist is a comprehensive guide which can be used by startup businesses to ensure that all requirements are met and help confirm that the restaurant is ready to operate. Identify which items have not been accomplished and which items need focus and priority. Use iAuditor to monitor the progress of all tasks that need to be accomplished before opening a new restaurant.

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