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What is Quality Management Software?

Quality Management Software (QMS) helps to increase product quality through visual inspections and electronic checklists. It is commonly used in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing to hospitality.

Traditionally many businesses used paper checklists to help with product quality inspections. While paper checklists allow employees to go through a quality checklist, often this data is lost and is hard to track over time. Using quality management software such as iAuditor, businesses can convert their existing paper checklists to digital forms, allowing the data to be instantly saved to the cloud. Staff can then also automatically generate reports, and query analytics to identify trends over time.

For manufacturing businesses, Quality Management Software helps prevent defective products being sold. By performing regular quality checks businesses often see a reduction in cost, and an increase in quality and customer satisfaction. For service focussed businesses, Quality Management Software helps highlights areas that need improvement, and monitor results over time.

Convert your existing paper checklists and manual processes to digital

Streamline your quality management system by creating digital checklists and automated workflows.


Upload and annotate photos

Enhance your quality inspection process by allowing staff to upload photos of products. You can also use the drawing tools to highlight defects or areas of interest.


Improve visibility across your organisation

No more waiting for reports to be typed up and emailed at the end of the day. As soon as an inspection is completed all the data is synced to the cloud allowing you to access reports in real-time.