4 Best Nursing Report Sheets Templates

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Nursing Report Sheet Templates or Nursing Brain Sheets are valuable tools used to keep track of patient medical records during room, ward, or ICU visits. These reports help nursing staff organize and obtain clear information on patients’ diagnosis, history, allergies, consults, vital signs, med passes, lab results, and other health-related data. Nursing report sheet templates are excellent data-gathering tools which help physicians and other medical staff obtain information more efficiently.

iAuditor can be used as an ultimate guide for nurses to streamline workflows and processes surrounding patient care and eliminate the risk of losing patient records. The iAuditor app can be used to perform paperless safety rounds or patient checks using handheld devices, and automatically secure all significant medical records in cloud storage. Access all nursing reports online easier and faster.

We feature 4 of the best nursing report sheet templates, 100% free and customizable.

4 Featured Digital Nursing Report Sheets Templates

1. Nursing Report Sheet

This Nursing Report Sheet can be used by nursing staff during ward or room visits. Start by entering the patient’s general information. Next, record diagnosis and the medical history. It is also important to take note any allergy and special conditions. The template then prompts the user to record vital signs of the patient such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and blood sugar. Med passes should also be recorded to ensure that medicines are dispensed accordingly. Document the patient’s food intake during breakfast, lunch, or supper. Lastly, write down any future procedure needed to inform the next nurses-on duty. Complete the report by providing a digital signature. Use iAuditor to perform digital patient checks with the use of your handheld device. You may also customize this template based on your needs.

2. Detailed Nursing Brain Sheet

Use this comprehensive nurse report sheet to obtain more detailed patient information such as consultation details, neuro, skin and urinary conditions, heart sounds and rhythm, lung sounds, and bowel sounds. Monitor patient’s vital signs and other significant observations to be taken. All information is secured in cloud storage and can only be opened by those given access.

3. ICU Safety Rounds Checklist

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can be prone to having medical errors due to patient’s condition which requires thorough checking. Nurses must conduct safety rounds in ICU to ensure that critical care patients are given the proper attention to prevent anything going wrong. Use this checklist to electronically report any concerns surrounding patient care for immediate action. Use iAuditor to share your reports with authorized staff real time.

4. ICU Nurse Report Sheet

Use this report sheet to obtain a complete record of a critical care patient in the ICU. It contains 83 line items which ask for essential medical information. These findings are important for doctors and physicians to determine the medical procedures needed by the patient.

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