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Published August 4th, 2020

Lifting the Stay-at-home Order in Michigan

Michigan officially lifted their stay-at-home orders on June 1, 2020, allowing a number of businesses to operate at a limited capacity under strict safety guidelines against COVID-19. The stay-at-home order was implemented on March 24, 2 months after the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the US and in other countries around the world.

Michigan is currently in stage 4 of the Safe Start Plan which allows retailers, restaurants, and bars to operate under a modified safety protocol. Gyms, salons, and other “non-essential” businesses which require close contact remain closed.

Update: As of July 30, 2020, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer modified restrictions in Michigan regions 6 and 8 due to a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Michigan Reopening: The 6 Stages Explained

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that Michigan will be following a 6-step reopening plan to a safe and sustainable economic resumption. The following stages are summarized below:

  1. Uncontrolled Growth
    COVID-19 spreads rapidly across the state, quickly filling health systems with coronavirus patients. The number of confirmed cases and hospitalizations rise in this stage and only strict social distancing and sanitary practices can slow the spread.
  2. Persistent Spread
    Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to rise and health systems are either overwhelmed or near max capacity due to COVID-19 confinements. Due to the high rate of infection, contact tracing becomes difficult if not impossible.
  3. Flattening
    When cases stop rising and remain at a certain level over an extended period of time. Health systems are able to cope with the current demand which also allows them to expand their medical resources and increase their capacity.
  4. Improving
    This stage sees a steady decline in new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. The health system is able to manage medical demands and at the same time, have the capacity to identify and contain new outbreaks.
  5. Containing
    A significant decline in new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are observed and healthy systems have become proficient in contact tracing, as well as preventing and containing outbreaks.
  6. Post-pandemic
    A level of immunity among a large number of citizens and availability of proven vaccines make future outbreaks highly unlikely. Virtually all business types can reopen and social gatherings can resume with no restrictions.

Michigan Reopening Guidance

The state of Michigan offers a number of resources to serve as guidelines for different business types. The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association provides the Roadmap to Reopening for restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry. It includes a number of guidance PDFs and checklists from reputable organizations such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Federal Drug Administration (FDA), and National Restaurant Association (NRA).

The official government website of Michigan provides general workplace safety guidelines for employers and employees. The Workplace Safety Guidelines for Employers covers employer responsibilities such as establishing workplace procedures and employee training, and the Workplace Safety Guidelines for employees talks about employee responsibilities and the precautions they need to take to prevent COVID-19 transmissions at work. The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) also provides a comprehensive, 36-page Employer’s Guide to Workplace Safety and Health.

Adhering to Michigan Reopening Requirements With an App

The safety and well-being of workers and customers are just as important as keeping the economy afloat, and comprehensive safety protocols are just as good as your ability to implement them consistently. With these free Michigan Reopening Checklists, iAuditor by SafetyCulture helps your business consistently adhere to official safety protocols so you can operate safely during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Disclaimer: Please note that these checklists are hypothetical examples and provide basic information only. They are not intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should also seek professional advice to determine if the use of such checklists are permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.


Juhlian Pimping

SafetyCulture Staff Writer

Juhlian Pimping has been writing about safety and quality topics for SafetyCulture since 2018. Before writing for SafetyCulture full-time, Juhlian worked in customer service and wrote for an Australian RTO.