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Learn about inspection reports, understand their importance, and get some tips on how to write them.

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What is an Inspection Report?

An inspection report is a document containing the result of an inspection conducted to gather data that could be used to determine the condition of that which was inspected. In simpler terms, an inspection report is a record of the details of an inspection. It is usually needed for inspections of properties such as homes and vehicles, and for business operations in order to verify compliance with safety and quality standards.

What is an Inspection Report Template?

An inspection report template is a pre-designed document or form used to record the results of an assessment. It serves as a structured and organized way to present the findings and observations made during the inspection process and create a comprehensive inspection report. Inspection report templates typically include sections that cover various aspects of the inspection, allowing the inspector to record details systematically.

Importance of Inspection Reports

Inspection reports are important because they help provide a more accurate insight into the current state of the things being inspected and if they fall within conditions deemed acceptable according to standards or regulations.

Home Inspections

In the context of home inspections, inspection reports help local regulators assess the current state of homes and rental properties and determine if they are “fit for human habitation” according to applicable laws.

For insurance, tax, and mortgage purposes, home inspection reports can provide the result of assessments done to check the condition and value of real estate property. They can include exact, geo-tagged, locations with photos taken on-site.

Vehicle Inspections

For vehicle inspections, the information on inspection reports can help determine if a vehicle is roadworthy and can be allowed to operate for the day. Vehicle inspection reports can also be used to prove compliance with regulations such as the need for truck drivers to conduct inspections before driving their trucks at the beginning of every shift. 

Quality Inspections

In business operations, quality inspection reports are crucial in determining if the level of quality of operations, products, and services are at par with expectations and industry standards.

Safety Inspections

In the context of safety, inspection reports can help managers and business owners know the level of safety in the workplace and if there’s a need to reinforce certain safety practices that are deemed lacking according to inspection reports.

How Do You Write an Inspection Report?

You can follow these tips when writing an inspection report:

  • Determine the intent of the inspection. What is the inspection for? Is it to check the safety of a home? Is it to evaluate the value of a property based on certain attributes. Is the inspection for compliance with safety regulations such as making sure that a vehicle is checked before it is driven for the day? Knowing the intent of the inspection can help guide in writing an inspection report.
  • Know who will be reading the inspection report. Will the inspection report be submitted to a superior at work? Is it for regulators? Knowing the intent of the inspection and its audience can better guide the inspector on how to write the inspection report.
  • Check what needs to be on the report. Whether it’s for inspecting a property, checking the safety of a vehicle, or doing an inspection at work for safety or quality, inspection reports are likely based on existing rules and standards and thus have patterns or templates that can be followed as a guide for conducting inspections and creating inspection reports. Make use of existing documents that lay down the requirements for inspections to be made in the first place.
  • Utilize tools that can help create inspection reports. Using existing standards or regulations as a guide, with the audience and intent of the inspection report in mind, you can now begin to write an inspection report using the tools available to you. Inspection report apps available on mobile and web are great tools that you can use to automatically convert existing documents on Word, Excel, or PDF into digital inspection report templates.
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