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Hotel Reopening Checklists

Respond to evolving COVID-19 guidelines and stay one step ahead in the hospitality industry

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Published September 7th, 2020

Hotel Reopening in the COVID-19 Era

As an increasing number of hotels resume operations amidst a global pandemic, keeping employees and guests healthy and safe has never been more crucial for hoteliers. Physical distancing inside and outside the hotel premises should be implemented, and cleanliness is no longer just a quality standard, but a precautionary measure⁠—making sure that the hotel is indeed ready to fully exercise Duty of Care once they reopen.

This article will briefly discuss:

  • reopening trends in the hotel industry;
  • the importance of hotel reopening checks;
  • the elements of a hotel reopening checklist; and
  • free hotel reopening checklists you can download, customize, and use.

Reopening trends in hospitality include hotel design changes such as partitioning large, open indoor spaces into smaller areas, allowing small and restricted groups to enjoy the same space safely. Outdoor space is king as hotel companies invest in outdoor seating, recover previously overlooked open areas, and reduce indoor locations. Some hotels have launched reopening campaigns with stringent cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation standards such as Accor’s ALLSAFE.

Hoteliers also face cost and compliance challenges before hotel reopening, especially for UK-based hotels. If any hotel has been completely empty, legionella inspections should be conducted or its entire water systems should be re-drained. For hotels seeking to reopen soon, return to work assessments should be performed with and for hotel staff, and if the business has more than 50 workers, a workplace risk assessment should be conducted and the results published for public access.

As the situation constantly evolves, we’re seeing a growing number of hotel groups finding value in cloud-based video training platforms to remotely educate their seasonal staff. These training platforms come with an expected 7-day notification of hotel reopening while anticipating full sites from day one.

The Importance of Hotel Reopening Checks

Restrictions or policies are being modified according to the number of cases per country. Before reopening, hotels should inspect if areas of their operations are safe for employees to work in and guests to stay in, minimizing risks of viral infection and preventing potential waves of confirmed cases. Knowing the right precautionary measures prior to hotel reopening helps protect people and communities, safeguard brand reputation, and curb the spread of coronavirus.

Elements of a Hotel Reopening Checklist

A hotel reopening checklist is a tool used by hoteliers to make sure that industry-guided precautionary measures are in place before resuming operations. Hoteliers can easily identify areas of improvement and elevate their preparedness for reopening by assessing hotel operations and mitigating health and safety risks with guidance from a checklist. Here are baseline inspection areas included in a hotel reopening checklist made by WHO:

  • Management Team
  • Reception and Concierge
  • Technical and Maintenance Services
  • Restaurants, Dining Rooms, and Bars
  • Cleaning and Housekeeping
  • Handling COVID-19 Cases

To make it easier for hoteliers and their staff to reopen strong and stay ahead in the hospitality industry, we’ve compiled hotel reopening checklists you can download for free and use with iAuditor by SafetyCulture.


Disclaimer: Please note that these checklists are hypothetical examples and provide basic information only. They are not intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should also seek professional advice to determine if the use of such checklists are permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.


Shine Colcol

SafetyCulture Staff Writer

Shine has been professionally writing about virtually anything since her internship for a digital publisher of niche blogazines. She is passionate about building a culture of continuous improvement in the environmental, health, safety, and quality space through well-researched, engaging, and impactful content.