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Health and Safety Management Software makes it easy to manage workplace health and safety throughout your organisation.

Improve safety compliance by making safety inspections and auditing quicker and easier Improve accountability and visibility through analytics and notifications Improve communication with automatic reports that can be emailed instantly Identify risks and hazards before an incident occurs with real-time data syncing

Convert your existing checklists and forms, or download one from our library of over 50,000 templates

Use the drag and drop template builder to create checklist templates. Once you’ve created a template, you can reuse it each time you need to conduct a similar audit. You can also download and edit existing checklists from our template library to help you get started. Create a free account to get started.



Quickly and easily generate reports

EHS reporting can be time-consuming. By using Health and Safety Management Software like iAuditor, organisations are able to streamline their reporting so it takes seconds instead of hours to complete and share reports.



Integrated system

Download the free iAuditor mobile app and sync data to the cloud to get access to analytics and advanced reporting. iAuditor can also be integrated with other systems such as SalesForce, SharePoint, Zapier and more. Find out more about integrations.

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“A safety app, for us, has to be reliable, it has to be simple to use, it has to be compliant, and it has to be able to give us data.” – Ben Harrison, Airfield Duty Manager

“We can get hold of our audits whenever we need to because they’re electronic now, so overall it’s made it a lot simpler and easier to use.” – Kevin Wincell, Airfield Operations Manager

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