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Published March 26th, 2020

What is an Air Quality Audit?

An Air Quality Audit (or Air Quality Assessment), is an evaluation of an establishment or area’s air quality, with a focus on its adherence to accepted air pollution thresholds. In addition to verifying compliance with air quality policies, it may also be required by local planning authorities if a development proposal is expected to affect the current pollution levels.

This article will briefly discuss: (1) what an air quality audit is; (2) everything you need to know about air quality assessments; (3) mobile app to perform air quality audits and generate reports.

Everything You Need to Know About Air Quality Audits

Air Quality Audits are essential not only to the continued operation of businesses and establishments, but also to the safety of the environment and the people directly affected by new developments and projects. Here is everything you need to know about air quality audits:

Who performs air quality audits?

  • Dedicated IAQ (indoor air quality) teams are tasked with ensuring the environmental health of buildings such as schools or offices. According to the EPA (The United States Environmental Protection Agency), an IAQ walkthrough should not be an intensive, detailed, or costly inspection, but is instead a quick overview of the factors and conditions that may affect the establishment’s indoor air quality.
  • In the absence of an in-house air quality technician, a company may hire a contractor when performing an air quality assessment for legal compliance.

Why perform air quality audits?

  • To avoid hefty fines due to air quality violations.
  • To ensure the safety of workers and the local community that may be affected by emissions and operational by-products.
  • To get developmental planning permission from local authorities and proceed with construction.

When should you perform air quality audits?

  • When ordered by local authorities to verify an operation’s compliance with pollution prevention laws and policies.
  • When proposing a new construction project or development which is expected to affect the air quality in its immediate vicinity e.g. dust from a construction site.
  • When an operational change in an existing emission source is implemented. This is to ensure that emissions do not exceed the legal pollution threshold.

Who validates air quality audits?

  • IAQ Teams and air quality technicians are expected to ensure the validity of their air quality report by reviewing and verifying their data prior to submission.
  • Qualified QA personnel independent of the team who conducted the air quality audit.
  • Local authorities and regulating bodies concerned with the air quality audit and the project it supports.

Mobile App to accomplish your air quality audit obligations

Your air quality audits may vary depending on its purpose and the nature of your business. With iAuditor, you can easily customize audit templates to fit your assessment needs. Download and use our pre-made templates for free, or create and customize your own smart forms using our easy, drag-and-drop template builder. Ensure your establishment’s safety and legal compliance with iAuditor, the world’s #1 inspection app!

  • Hassle-free data collection anytime, anywhere
    • Perform air quality audits on your phone or tablet, even while offline
    • Identify non-compliance and causes for concern so you can address them immediately
    • Save and secure your information with unlimited cloud storage
  • Generate and share air quality audit reports instantly
    • Once completed, immediately share your air quality audit reports to appropriate personnel for validation and transparency
    • Export air quality audit reports in a variety of formats including PDF, DOC, and CSV
  • Manage teams better
    • Assign and track corrective actions to personnel in real-time
    • Easily communicate updates and changes to air quality audits through the app
    • World-class 24/5 customer support to assist you with your iAuditor queries


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