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Enabling the frontline using iAuditor by SafetyCulture

Mining is one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. The hazards are real and ever-present with workers exposed to a variety of risks from cave-ins to explosions, vehicle collisions, crush injuries, and electrocution. It’s a high risk, high reward line of work. Andrew Johnston, Goldcorp Safety Officer says, “The most important thing to go down the mine every day is the miner, and the most important thing to come out of the mine is the miner. The softest thing that goes underground is you, that’s literally it. Everything else is rock and steel.” In order to manage these risks, Goldcorp knew they had to ditch their paper-based system.

“I take care of safety here at Goldcorp, and iAuditor allows me to do that quicker, easier, and more effectively.” Andrew Johnston, Goldcorp Safety Officer.

Coordinating thousands of workers across multiple countries is a challenge. Goldcorp’s workforce hasn’t grown up with smartphones and tablets; their teams are often work in remote, dirty conditions thousands of feet below the earth’s surface.

Before digitizing inspections, Goldcorp struggled to conduct enough meaningful inspections with and reporting key findings to stakeholders in the organization. Goldcorp previously had auditors carry paper checklists, take photos on a camera, then return to the office where they spent hours drafting a report. It took time, many man-hours were lost, and fewer inspections were completed as a result. That process doesn’t exist anymore. Goldcorp now conducts over 1,000 inspections per day.  Management can see what’s occurring below ground in real-time.

“I can do easily seven or eight times the inspections I used to do. Before iAuditor it would take me three to four hours to do a report. Now, it takes me minutes.” Andrew Johnston, Goldcorp Safety Officer. With that saved time, and those safety processes in place and inspections signed off, the workers can now focus on the task at hand and make it home safely to their families every day. “iAuditor has streamlined that so nicely, you take that software everywhere, it’s in your hand, it’s real time data. When you’ve done your inspection, it now exists in the hands of our senior management.” Andrew Johnston, Goldcorp Safety Officer.

Safety managers at Goldcorp can also customize all their templates for each task, team, and location, meaning workers in the field don’t spend any extra time filling out questions that are not relevant to them. Because iAuditor is designed to be mobile-first and with the user in mind, workers can use it with minimal training. The audit templates are centralized and through the iAuditor platform ensuring that each site and employee has the correct audit and everyone is conducting the standardized inspections.


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  • Complementary events and training on a quarterly basis
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“iAuditor is the best app I have ever downloaded. It saves a heap of time on site and then when I am at home, the task is already done; no more sitting at the computer writing out reports.”

Donald Kempf

Owner of Sunshine Crane Repairs

"iAuditor has made us a lot more organized. Using half the effort we used to put into paper, we’ve now become 100 times more organized."

Peter Giannos

HSE Manager with NA Group

"iAuditor empowers us to give the customers a shop that they can trust, and gives us the ease and simplicity to let stores really get ahead of the game to deliver on opportunities to improve."

Simon McBurney

Senior Delivery Analyst with Coles

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“iAuditor has improved our processes and helped us identify elements in the business that need to be eradicated or updated – we’ve saved huge amounts of time.”

- Craig Lennie, Quality Assurance Manager,

"iAuditor has made us a lot more organized. Using half the effort we used to put into paper, we’ve now become 100 times more organized."

- Peter Giannos, HSE Manager with NA Group

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“Now auditors can finish their near miss reports, take pictures and it all incorporates into one document. You can send it right from the field.”

- Mark Hickey, Environmental Health and Safety Engineer