BBPA and SafetyCulture - Getting your pub back to business

Learn how iAuditor can support you to safely reopen your pub

The BBPA has partnered with SafetyCulture, so that all publicans can instantly access the BBPA prescribed risk assessments in iAuditor, for free.

With a roadmap to reopening post-lockdown, many organisations now are focused on reinstating their operations, prioritising staff and customer safety, and meeting compliance requirements. iAuditor can help. With BBPA and SafetyCulture, you can reopen your pub with the confidence that you’re taking all necessary precautions to get back to business and stay operational.

Deploying iAuditor across your pubs will:

  • Ensure you comply with mandatory government regulations imposed for pubs wishing to reopen by completing the BBPA “Risk Assessment”.
  • Keep your pub COVID-safe. As the regulations change, SafetyCulture and BBPA will continue to keep templates in-line with current guidance to ensure you remain operational.
  • Ensure all crucial checks and audits are carried out, instilling customer confidence 
  • Equip your teams to perform their roles to the highest standard and deliver excellent customer service 
  • Meet all food preparation, storage and hygiene standards with step-by-step inspections, checks, and audits

Sign-up for free:

  • Upon completing the form on this page, you will instantly be setup with a SafetyCulture account, pre-populated with a range of relevant templates, including the BBPA Risk Assessment template. 
  • You and up to 9 other colleagues can conduct inspections on mobile by using the iAuditor app, or on desktop at
  • Unlimited, free access to support 24/5.

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Partnerships Manager, SafetyCulture

Olivia Langley
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