Loida Bauto

SafetyCulture Content Contributor
Loida Bauto is a freelance content contributor for SafetyCulture and a self-published book author. She has written various articles about workplace safety, human disabilities, universal design, and sustainability. Her written works reflect her strong passion for quality, workplace incident prevention, and efficiency to empower businesses to improve their operations.

Articles by Loida Bauto

Heat Index

Understand what heat index is, guidelines, and the importance of maintaining a safe working environment. Explore solutions to monitor heat index accurately.

Route Optimization

Discover how route optimization implementation strategies help businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability in logistics operations.

Driver Behavior

Discover the impact of driver behavior on road safety. This guide covers factors influencing driver actions, tips for safer driving, and advanced fleet safety and efficiency solutions.

Driver Fatigue

Discover the profound effects of driver fatigue on health, the public, and your fleet. Learn actionable strategies to prevent and manage it effectively.

Fatigue Management

Discover how fatigue management can improve workplace safety alongside innovative technologies that enhance productivity and employee well-being.

A driver clocking in for work using an electronic work diary

Electronic Work Diary

Discover how electronic work diaries (EWDs) transform transport fatigue management. Learn about their benefits and functionalities and guide them for implementation and compliance.

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is crucial for the longevity and reliability of your assets. Learn about the role, strategies, and best practices for maintaining equipment in this guide.

Production Management

Gain insights into the foundational aspects of production management. Learn about its diverse use cases, tools and technologies, and the solution for efficient implementation.

IoT Asset Tracking

Discover how IoT asset tracking helps businesses manage their operations. Learn about the best practices for implementing this technology to enhance visibility in your organization.

electrical worker following operator safety guidelines on their laptop while in a control room

Operator Safety

Discover the essential tips, guidelines, and regional regulations to ensure operator safety in handling industrial machines and heavy equipment.