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iAuditor Workplace Safety Inspection Software

Workplace Safety Software to Easily Manage Safety Reports

A Workplace Safety App is a mobile tool that helps streamline the gathering and organization of critical occupational safety data. It enables employees to easily report safety issues and hazards, thus effectively helping them and top management make better and faster safety decisions. With the iAuditor workplace safety app, you can significantly improve your workplace health and safety program by simplifying the safety reporting process for your employees.

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Workplace Safety Inspection Software for less paperwork & better workflow

Replace workplace safety reporting paper forms with smart, mobile-friendly checklists via a workplace safety app to save time and ensure information consistency of workplace safety inspection data.

Keep all your data in one place

Automatically store a secure record online of every inspection conducted and every corrective action taken for easy sharing and access.

See the big picture

Visualize data from workplace safety reports and easily spot and take action on trends that matter the most. Identify common failures so that you can take action and prevent future issues from happening.

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Importance of Data in Workplace Safety

A well run health, safety, and environment (HSE) program is crucial to building a safe working environment. To support HSE efforts, you need a rich safety database that will help in conducting well informed workplace risk assessments and addressing safety issues before they result in workplace incidents.
An HSE program heavy on paperwork slows down resolution of workplace safety reports and hinders you from making the most of available safety data. It can also cause difficulties in engaging employees to proactively report safety issues, delays in getting the necessary corrective actions done on time, and trouble making sense of all the data you have. Through technology such as the iAuditor workplace safety app, you can enable workers to easily document safety issues, streamline workplace safety management, and grow an information-rich workplace safety program.

What can your environment look like with an improved safety database?

With a modernized workplace safety program, this is what your future HSE program can look like with the iAuditor workplace safety app:

iAuditor Workplace Safety App Features

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