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Keep your vehicles roadworthy and reduce downtime. iAuditor makes inspections simple and helps businesses see and understand their data.

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Keeping vehicles roadworthy and reducing downtime are critical in the efficient operation of transport and fleet management companies. Fleet managers need constant visibility on vehicle repair work being performed as well as effective inspection and reporting tools.

Finding the right vehicle inspection software requires a tool that can both capture and present the right inspection data and be simple enough for a field team to learn and adopt. iAuditor is a cloud software solution that replaces existing paper inspections and workflows.

iAuditor’s mobile application enables teams to rapidly perform vehicle inspections from a handheld device with all reports saved in the cloud and accessible via a web browser. Learn how iAuditor can become your vehicle inspection and maintenance software solution.

Paperless Vehicle Inspections

  • Significantly reduce vehicle inspection times using the iAuditor mobile app
  • 100% customizable vehicle maintenance templates to suit your fleet
  • Capture photos of vehicle defects and generate reports on your handheld device

Real-Time Fleet Visibility

  • Get real-time visibility of vehicle inspections being performed
  • Powerful web dashboards to visualize vehicle conditions and common defects
  • Drill down to see photo evidence of vehicle defects and action immediately

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Track Performance of Vehicles

  • Birds-eye view of inspection frequency of all your vehicles. Quickly identify which vehicles are not being regularly inspected
  • Easily track and aggregate performance scores of individual vehicles across your entire fleet
  • Create inspection schedules for your team to ensure all operational vehicles are being regularly inspected
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Reduce Vehicle Downtime

  • Powerful web based software to track and maintain vehicle road worthiness, prevent costly accidents, and mitigate risks through scheduled daily vehicle pre-checks
  • Avoid loss of business opportunities caused by preventable vehicle breakdowns
  • Immediately identify and address mechanical issues before they turn into dangerous problems
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Schedule Vehicle Inspections

  • Reports get synced real-time and data can be generated with the tap of a button
  • Inspectors automatically receive reminders on scheduled vehicle checks and other tasks
  • Streamline workflows and promote safety in the workplace through information dissemination and task assignment

Works Out of the Box

  • Easy to use vehicle inspection app that can be downloaded on your team’s personal hand-held devices. No training required
  • Free pricing tier allows you to invite up to 5 free team-members
  • Your team’s inspection reports and data automatically saved in the cloud and viewable in your online web account
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