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iAuditor as Supplier Audit Software

A Big Leap Toward Supplier Audit Transparency

A supplier audit software is a web-and-mobile solution that allows product quality managers to better manage their potential set of suppliers or vendors and verify their factory production capability and compliance to quality standards. With the iAuditor Supplier Audit Software—an intuitive digital solution for visual factory audits—there’s no need to carry reference manuals and paper checklists during site visits. You’ll only need a mobile device to ensure that products are up to the safest standards for public use.

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Ensure consistency in your potential suppliers

Process standardization is made easier with the iAuditor supplier audit software. You can easily convert your paper checklists or spreadsheets into mobile-ready inspection forms in minutes and ensure that the same template is used by all your inspectors. With your QC team using the same digital inspection templates and having visibility for all actions, you can be sure that everyone is on the same paperless page

Recordkeeping made more convenient

Paper records can get lost, damaged, or accessed by unauthorized personnel. iAuditor’s digital platform automatically stores data via secure cloud technology so information is kept safe and accessible only to the right people. Cloud technology allows authorized personnel to access inspection history and statistics from practically anywhere as long as their device is connected to the internet.

Insights at the click of a button

Review analytics reports by supplier site, area, or region so you can quickly see what to focus on. This can give you a holistic view of your supplier portfolio and have a better understanding of how to improve your quality control strategy. More importantly, iAuditor analyzes your data to provide you with actionable insights you can use to improve your bridge inspection process.

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Supplier Audit Software: How iAuditor Helps Implement a Risk-based Compliance Program


A factory audit is a formalized system of evaluating the reliability and competency of suppliers and vendors to deliver a quality service. It is foundational in establishing a strong customer-supplier relationship. The supplier auditing process aims to assess and promote the smooth operation in key business areas such as manufacturing, engineering, invoicing, QA, and shipping.
With consistently high quality products come satisfied customers, and that is the end advantage of a supplier quality management solution. It can provide better visibility into supplier risks, improve control over quality and compliance, and lead to fewer non-conformances.

Reduce non-conformances and CAPAs issued to suppliers

For an instance, Company A faces 2,000 supplier non-conformances every year. Most of these non-conformances are likely to arise because the suppliers are of high risk and low maturity, or because they are not being audited thoroughly.
The supplier audit software solution can enable Company A to onboard a higher number of mature suppliers, while also increasing visibility into each supplier’s risk profile, and streamlining factory audit and inspection processes. As a result, Company A will be well-positioned to actually reduce the number of non-conformances by almost 80%. This, in turn, will lead to fewer CAPAs, and better cost savings.

Eliminate ambiguity in supplier audit reports

What one person says is a major non-conformance, another may describe as minor – and it’s difficult to prove when the only evidence that exists is a few pages of the auditor’s hand-written notes.
The supplier audit software takes away the confusion and ambiguity by making sure evidence is gathered and attached to an audit on site, there and then.
And reports are no longer affected by bias – it’s all there in black and white when you come to review the audit.

Optimize supplier audit management

With a supplier audit software, companies can segment their suppliers based on each supplier’s risk profile. This allows them to plan and prioritize their supplier audits more efficiently, and actually reduce the number of audits that need to be performed. In other words, instead of conducting 4 audits for every single supplier, the organization needs to conduct only one audit for Group A suppliers, and two audits for Group B suppliers because these suppliers have lower levels of risk and higher maturity.
The risk profile of each supplier can be calculated in the supplier quality management solution based on the ratings from supplier self-assessments, auditor validation, historical audit ratings, number of non-conformances, and other such factors. The audit frequency will vary based on the changing risk profile of the supplier.

Promote trust with suppliers with a transparent system

By harnessing the power of a supplier audit software, communication across global supplier teams, including real-time monitoring of audit status, can be vastly improved. This can make for a much smoother and transparent audit experience, as well as providing both the client and supplier with richer quality control insights.


Choosing the Right Technology When Auditing Factory Suppliers

Paper-based factory audits are time-consuming to complete on site and upon completion require more tedious work back in the office. Quality managers can use mobile technology such as iAuditor to streamline their factory audits. Complete your factory audit on a hand-held device, capture unlimited photos and generate your report while on-site without needing to go back to the office.

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