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How iAuditor Encourages
Participation in Risk Management

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Ensuring the highest possible level of safety and security is paramount to any organization. To do this, it’s important to involve everyone from all levels of the organization. With iAuditor, the world’s leading mobile risk assessment app, firms from every industry can rely on a powerful digital platform to revamp their risk assessment program and engage people better in conducting risk assessments.

1. Simple to install

To enable on-the-go reporting, users can easily download the iAuditor mobile risk management app for FREE from the iOS, Android, or Windows app stores. To access iAuditor’s data analytics and other powerful features, they don’t need to download a separate app; they can access these via an online web platform.

iauditor easy to install

2. Clear and smart inspection forms

Through iAuditor’s simple drag-and-drop template builder, a business can convert existing paper forms into digital ones and deploy user-friendly, smart, and mobile risk management checklists that users can easily access via the mobile app. What’s more, these digital forms feature various fields that make reporting more convenient and enjoyable for your users.

Take pictures and annotate them

Take pictures and annotate them

Capture photos using your device’s camera. Quickly snap and attach images to an inspection.

Add your location information

Attach reference information

Attach reference information to help your users identify risks better. Either reference plain text, an image, or a link to an external website

Type or dictate free form notes

Sign off with digital signatures

Confirm information with sign offs and maintain accountability with digital signatures.

3. Offline inspections

No Internet connection? No problem. You can still use iAuditor to capture data from the point of risk and it will automatically sync when there’s an available internet connection.

iauditor risk management software offline

4. Automated workflow capabilities

iAuditor helps support and streamline your risk management process by helping your users save time and effort through automation of manual actions. Deliver instant email notifications when assigning corrective actions and readily send auto-generated, comprehensive, CEO-ready reports right after an audit. With iAuditor, you can turn raw data into insightful information via a configurable dashboard that provides you 360-degree visibility of critical risks and their trends.

5. Easy integration with other business software

Want to connect your other business apps to your risk management software? That’s possible. With iAuditor’s API integrations, your staff won’t need to move from one software to another.

You can consult with iAuditor’s seasoned developers to let your risk management software seamlessly communicate with third-party systems, incorporate data, and reduce redundancies in your processes.

iauditor risk management software integrations

6. Easy to learn

To make it easier for users, iAuditor provides an extensive library of self-serve learning resources. Should the company require on-site training sessions, they can also consult with the iAuditor team to schedule one.

iauditor easy to learn

7. Reliable technical support

If members of your staff have questions or encounter any issues, they can rely on iAuditor’s dedicated technical support team. They are ready to provide the most relevant solutions to your challenges.

iauditor risk management software technical support

What our customers say

"Very powerful tool, customisable, build your own or have access to literally thousands of safety based documents and audits."

- ShellJrw

"The easiest auditing experience I've had. I started with a just a few iAuditor licenses but when other people saw how organized our audit reports were, they jumped on board. We now have 60+ people using iAuditor in the field."

- Ryan C.

"Huge customer database of shared auditing forms minimizes work required to set up auditing forms. Database tracks downloads and can be used to eliminate those audit forms that aren't as good as they should be. Stellar customer support, very open to improvement suggestions and requests. Good continuous improvment system in place."

- R. Korczak

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