7 Industries that Have Embraced Risk Assessment Apps

A risk assessment is a thorough evaluation of hazards, their risk, and their control measures. Beyond complying with legislative requirements (see risk assessment laws for the UK and Australia), the main purpose of risk assessment is to ensure the highest possible level of safety and security of a product, service, individual, or workplace.

To make this process more efficient, risk assessment apps have rapidly become the go-to solution for organizations seeking to revamp the management of the end-to-end process of their risk assessment program. Mobile risk assessment apps have already disrupted a number of industries, and they have reaped benefits that significantly contributed to their bottom line.

Here are 7 industries that have integrated risk assessment apps into their everyday workflow to improve their respective risk management programs.


iauditor construction

Construction sites face several risks in their everyday operations, from slips and falls to electrocution and getting caught in between equipment. With fatal accidents in this industry being double that of other industries, it’s a no-brainer that they have rolled out risk assessment apps to improve the level of safety in their sites. The construction industry uses risk assessment apps for specific analyses, such as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), field level hazards, flood risks, noise risks, manual handling, and environmental risks.

How a risk assessment app helps this industry:

Enables construction workers to be more proactive by using their own mobile devices to take photos of noted hazards and immediately report them to their supervisors

Helps construction teams promote a culture of safety that leads to more safe man-hours

Empowers safety officers to take quick action on reported hazards and save lives in the process

Allows inspections to be conducted even without an internet connection

Lets project managers immediately see high-priority safety items when they view reports

Helps firms avoid liability by providing thorough checklists and storing them safely in the cloud

Offers powerful analytics that presents trends and recurring issues in an easy-to-read format


iauditor healthcare

With almost 100,000 deaths per year caused by medical negligence and a median settlement amount of $442,000, protecting assets and complying with regulations and standards have become an utmost concern for the healthcare industry. OSHA, HIPAA, and HITECH regulations are just some of the principal ones that healthcare institutions and facilities adhere to. Having an easy-to-use risk assessment app is an intelligent and proven way to improve their chances of compliance.

How a risk assessment app helps this industry:

Helps decrease paperwork by converting paper risk assessment forms to digital ones

Features convenient photo capture and digital note-taking for observed non-compliance

Helps healthcare professionals focus on their duties by providing auto-generated reports they can send instantly to their admin office

Offers unlimited and secure cloud storage for all assessment records

Uses checklist smart fields that save assessors time by skipping non-applicable questions

Enables digital signatures from both practitioner and patient


iauditor manufacturing

Manufacturers from different sectors face a varied range of threats. There is food and water contamination in food manufacturing, product quality non-conformance in automotive manufacturing, and plant and environmental risks in factories. As such, these industries have integrated mobile risk assessment technology solutions that help enhance their risk assessment procedures and ensure a safe environment for their workers and the products they create.

How a risk assessment app helps this industry:

Allows users to easily retrieve old assessment records for presentation during certification audits

Lets manufacturing companies customize risk assessment templates according to their preferred quality management measures

Ensures regular risk assessments through schedules and notifications

Lets production managers notify action item assignees in real-time via email or push notifications

Produces detailed reports with notes and annotated photos

Saves precious time by auto-generating assessment reports and eliminating manual data re-entry


iauditor chemical

Risk assessment checklists (e.g. safety data sheets, chemical risk assessment, HAZOP) form the foundation of regulatory decisions regarding substances, such as industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and pesticides. A user-friendly risk assessment app provides chemists an all-in-one digital solution that helps them properly address a hazardous chemical’s risk, effectively protecting the workers and the environment from exposure.

How a risk assessment app helps this industry:

Allows safety officers to conduct risk assessments offline

Offers access to intelligent analytics reporting that can list multiple scenarios for a variety of deviations

Features a barcode scanner for easy registration of product codes to digital risk assessment checklists

Provides secure cloud storage for past assessment records, which can be easily retrieved to prove regulatory compliance

Enables a convenient review process between chemists

Information Technology

iauditor information technology

As the threat of network security breaches continues to increase, cybersecurity has never been more important. Risk assessment apps like the ISO 27001 and IT Risk Assessment are used by IT professionals to help identify events that can threaten sensitive data, implement measures to prevent breach incidents, and mitigate the damage when they happen.

How a risk assessment app helps this industry:

Makes tracking of documents easier via cloud-based storage

Lets IT professionals conduct gap analyses and information security risk assessments anytime and include photo evidence using their mobile devices

Presents trends via a web-based analytics dashboard, with insights that can be used to strengthen ISMS

Lets IT risk assessors easily sign-off on inspections with digital signatures

Facilities Management

iauditor facilities

From offices and warehouses to schools and retail spaces, managing risk is an integral part of protecting the health and safety of its occupants. Facility safety officers use risk assessment apps to conduct routine checks that encompass ergonomics, fire risk, and stress risk. This ensures that proper precautions are in place to address potential hazards and risks.

How a risk assessment app helps this industry:

Allows quicker assessments using a mobile device across multi-level facilities

Saves admin personnel crucial time by eliminating manual processes, such as manual uploading of pictures to the PC and data re-entry

Makes issuance of corrective actions easier through automated email notifications

Features timestamps to help managers validate an inspector’s work

Events Management

iauditor events

The risk of hazards like noise, weather, crowd commotion, and unstable equipment, can ruin an event if they’re not taken into account. An event risk assessment app has helped events companies identify these types of hazards and install controls to manage risks and ensure that their events run smoothly.

How a risk assessment app helps this industry:

Helps event planners and coordinators perform inspections onsite and have auto-generated reports

Alerts contractors and staff immediately of corrective actions needed to address event risks

Generates complete risk assessment reports, which can be used as reference for future events

iAuditor Devices

iAuditor, the world’s leading mobile risk assessment app, is used by these industries to help their people conduct risk assessments easier and ultimately revamp their risk assessment program. iAuditor is a powerful digital platform that enables companies to minimize manual processes and streamline their risk assessment process. Below are its main features:

Smart Forms

Our drag-and-drop template builder helps you easily create customized forms, checklists, and templates to fit your business needs.

Online/Offline Inspections

Perform inspections on any phone, tablet, or mobile device even while offline.


Proactively create workflows to manage your inspection and reporting process

Reporting and Analytics

User-friendly statistics provide insight and allow you to easily and quickly identify issues. The sooner you find the problem, the faster you can fix it.


You can connect iAuditor to business software systems such as Tableau, Power BI, Excel Online, and Google Sheets to streamline your workflow.

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