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A restaurant inspection app is a software program that helps restaurant managers ensure food safety, hygiene, and restaurant cleanliness through scheduled and routine checkups

Regardless of size or scale, restaurants can benefit from using a restaurant inspection app. Due to the dynamic nature of running a restaurant, managers and workers need something portable to assist them when performing routine tasks. A good restaurant mobile app can provide this much needed support.

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How to Use iAuditor as your Restaurant Inspection App

Ensure food safety and quality

Used for more than 50 million inspections in over 80 countries, iAuditor has made good on its promise to ensure safety and quality in the workplace. Through versatility and usability, iAuditor has made inspections and checks easy, efficient, and effective.

Food Safety and Quality Inspection Checklists

We have numerous templates and checklists designed to help restaurant managers and staff ensure that food, drink, and other items are safe from contaminants and up to quality standards. You can also create and customize your own templates to fit your needs and preferences, and even perform inspections offline.

Try the following templates for free by downloading iAuditor:

Reporting & Analytics

After completing an inspection, the data is uploaded to the cloud. You can then view the data collated from all of your inspections on the Analytics tab of the web app. This gives you a comprehensive report of your restaurant’s performance and tells you where you’re excelling, and what needs fixing.


Enforce SOPs and ensure they are followed

Every successful restaurant adheres to effective standard operating procedures. Customize SOP templates according to your restaurant’s policy and schedule routine checks and inspections to your personnel through the app. Staff will be notified when inspections and checks are assigned to them, and restaurant managers will be alerted when scheduled inspections are missed. This feature helps encourage compliance to SOPs such as cleaning, restaurant opening, food preparation, and other aspects of operation to ensure that you maximize your restaurant’s potential.

schedule reports

Restaurant Management and Operation SOP Checklists

Ensure legal compliance

The government can impose severe fines on, if not outright close, restaurants that don’t comply with food service codes and regulations. Restaurant managers have to comply with OSHA regulations to ensure that employees are working in a safe environment, and the entire staff must comply with FDA requirements during health inspections to make sure that the food being served is safe, clean, and uncontaminated. Performing regular inspections with iAuditor can help ensure that your restaurant consistently complies with legal requirements to avoid fines and closure.

OSHA and FDA Self Inspection Checklists

Ensure cleanliness, acceptable condition, and aesthetics

Restaurant management doesn’t end with ensuring adherence to food safety and cleanliness standards. The cleanliness of your facility, including its structural and aesthetic condition, is paramount to providing a complete and pleasant dining experience for your customers.

Restaurant Cleanliness and Condition Assessment

Successful restaurants are built on safety and quality, the very principles iAuditor was founded on. Perform hassle-free inspections even while offline, easily interpret reports and data through analytics, and ensure your restaurant fulfills its maximum potential with iAuditor, the only restaurant app you need.

You can use iAuditor for free or you can check our affordable premium plans with added features.

Try the iAuditor Restaurant Inspection App for FREE!