Top 5 Things to Consider When Searching for a Project Management Software

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A project management software is a digital tool used by project managers to make coordination, planning, and collaboration with team members easier. A good project management app should assist in the completion of project objectives while complying with its set timeline and budget. This article discusses the top 5 things you need to consider before choosing a project management software for your business.

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1. Usability

The most important question when choosing a project management software is, “does this make my work easier?”. Your chosen project management app should not require a bigtime investment to set up and learn. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose. The software you choose should be easy to learn, navigate, and utilize so that it elevates all aspects of your project management process, making your overall goal easier to achieve.

2. Compatibility

Does the project management app complement your current process? Or does it force you to adapt to it? The app should be able to smoothly integrate into your current or preferred work process. A digital solution can only help your project management process if they are inherently compatible.

3. Versatility

Finding an app that’s usable and compatible with your process is all well and good. Your process, however, is likely to change and evolve in time. Your chosen software’s versatility determines whether it will remain useful as your company grows, or if it is merely a short-term solution.

4. Credibility

Review the software’s client base and look for successful brands. Having a high profile customer base is a good indicator of the software’s quality and the value it can bring your company.

5. Affordability

Is the app reasonably priced considering the value it brings to your operation and relative to other app solutions? All things considered, a good project management app should end up saving you money by improving the efficiency of your workflow and overall process.

Proper project management is essential to the completion of both short-term and long-term goals. As such, it is important that you select the right project management software to meet your objectives within the specified time frame and budget.

iAuditor’s powerful project management software can be set up in minutes, is used by an extensive variety of companies for different projects and operational functions, and operates on a freemium platform. See for yourself how iAuditor can enhance your project management process before investing in the premium version with added features. Download iAuditor for FREE today.

Try the iAuditor Project Management App for FREE!

iAuditor Project Management Software Features

Record and track safety action items

Create corrective actions on the spot for identified issues. Assign actions to team members and set the time, date, and priority level for the task. Oversee which tasks have been assigned, are in progress, completed, and overdue.

Sign off with digital signatures

Confirm information with sign offs and have accountability with digital signatures.

Format templates for easy completion

Organize related questions under the same category, include sections for easier navigation, as well as cover pages, disclaimers, and confidentiality statements.

Multiple delivery methods for reports

Get reports delivered via email or uploaded to tools like Dropbox and SharePoint.

Unlimited cloud storage

Completed templates are automatically backed up and securely stored online so you can access them whenever, and wherever, you need.

World-class customer service

We provide top-of-the-line 24/5 support for any questions and concerns regarding iAuditor.