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A playground inspection software is used by certified playground safety inspectors and facility maintenance personnel as a formal safety assessment of public playgrounds. The primary purpose of a playground inspection is to ensure that they present safe play conditions and that appropriate measures are being taken to reduce the risk of injury to children and other occupants. With the iAuditor Playground Inspection Software, playground safety inspectors can replace their paper checklists with intuitive smartforms that make inspection and reporting easier than ever. Take advantage of iAuditor’s flexible auditing platform to raise your playground safety standards today.

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Go digital with a Playground Inspection Software and ditch the paper clutter

Stacks of paper inspection reports and manual data sorting is no longer an issue. iAuditor by SafetyCulture gives you a user-friendly digital platform that saves you from the hassle of compiling paper forms and physically organizing data.

Keep all of your data in one place

Paper inspection records are susceptible to loss and damage. iAuditor automatically stores your audit data via secure cloud technology so you can access it whenever you need to, wherever you are.

See the big picture through powerful analytics

Aside from unlimited cloud storage and data security, you can filter your inspection information by location, time and date, department, employees, templates, and more. This way, you can find what you need without manually searching through every single document. iAuditor also helps you identify and eradicate issues by providing useful insights through powerful data analytics.

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iAuditor Playground Inspection Software to Optimize Your Playground Inspections

Safety, in any kind of operation, should be a priority. Though active supervision can prevent unfortunate accidents from occurring, the best way to minimize the risk of playground injury is to be aware of their causes through diligent playground inspections.

Traditional playground inspections done by pen and paper lack the efficiency, versatility, and automation of a good playground inspection software. By using iAuditor, playground safety inspectors can improve their inspection process to get more audits done with less effort.

Here are some tips on how to use iAuditor to optimize your playground inspection practices:

Download pre-made playground safety inspection templates or customize your own

With over 100,000 templates in our public library, you can download pre-made playground inspection checklists and templates so you can get started right away. You can also convert your existing paper templates via smartscan or create a new one from scratch with our user friendly, drag-and drop template builder. No coding required.

Perform audits using your mobile device even while offline

The offline functionality of the iAuditor playground inspection software allows you to perform inspections even if you are not connected to the internet. Your inspection data automatically syncs to the cloud upon connecting to the internet to ensure that no information is lost. Choose from a variety of inspection responses and assign corrective actions to personnel through the app so that issues are addressed ASAP.

Instantly generate comprehensive reports and automatically share them to the right people

With iAuditor as your playground inspection software, there is no need to manually compile your inspection data to come up with a professional report. You can generate reports instantly once you complete your inspection and even set up autoshare to send the data to the right people minus the extra work.

Review your inspection data via web analytics to spot issues and opportunities for improvement

Aside from storing your data via unlimited and secure cloud storage, iAuditor’s data analytics helps you make sense of your inspection data by providing actionable insights. Spot trends and identify the root cause of frequent issues so you can address the causes instead of the symptoms.

Ensure accountability by tracking scheduled audits and actions

Safeguard accountability by having the tools to track completed, pending, or missed audits and assigned actions. You can even review inspection time stamps and durations, apply mandatory answer fields, as well as require digital signatures to ensure that inspections are being performed thoroughly and as scheduled.

iAuditor’s playground inspection software makes your entire auditing process faster and more efficient. From pre-made templates and offline inspections to automatic reporting, iAuditor’s versatile mobile solution allows you to achieve and sustain high safety standards.

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