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Upgrade Your Pipeline Inspection Protocols

A pipeline inspection software is used by pipeline engineers to assist them in periodic pipeline maintenance inspections. Pipeline maintenance inspections help ensure that pipelines are free from corrosion, leaks, and other types of damage that could endanger workers and negatively affect operations. With the iAuditor Pipeline Inspection Software, pipeline engineers and safety officers can use digital smartforms instead of manual pen-and-paper checklists to make inspection and reporting easier than ever. Use iAuditor’s versatile software to streamline your pipeline maintenance process.
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Digital pipeline inspection templates to reduce paper clutter

Traditional pen-and-paper checklists can be burdensome. Paper inspection records easily pile up and manually sorting, organizing, and filing them demand both time and space that can otherwise be used for more productive work. iAuditor by SafetyCulture provides pipeline engineers and inspectors with easy-to-use digital inspection templates to reduce paper clutter so they can spend more time ensuring pipeline safety.

Easy access to inspection records in one secure location

Paper records can get lost, damaged, or accessed by unauthorized personnel. iAuditor’s digital platform automatically stores data via secure cloud technology so information is kept safe and accessible only to the right people. Cloud technology allows authorized personnel to access inspection history and statistics from practically anywhere as long as their device is connected to the internet.

Communicate in-app to resolve issues faster

iAuditor’s corrective actions feature gives pipeline engineers and inspectors the power to assign corrective actions on the go so issues are resolved sooner rather than later. By assigning an action and setting an appropriate priority level, repair and maintenance personnel can easily triage so the most urgent problems can be addressed first.

How to Use the iAuditor Pipeline Inspection Software to Streamline Pipe Maintenance

Pipelines are integral to the operation of commercial, industrial, and even residential establishments. A damaged pipeline can severely affect the functionality of an establishment or, worse, force a full-stop to productivity. Considering the possible consequences, the thorough examination and proper maintenance of pipelines should not be taken lightly.

By using the iAuditor pipeline inspection software, pipeline engineers and safety inspectors can benefit from intuitive smartforms to maximize audit efficiency, streamline data collection, and improve team collaboration to ensure the effective maintenance of pipeline systems

Here are some tips on how to use iAuditor to optimize your pipeline inspection process:

Download, customize, and create intuitive pipe inspection templates

Our public library has over 100,000 pre-made inspection templates where pipeline maintenance personnel can download ready-to-use inspection templates from industry professionals. You can also convert your existing paper templates via smartscan or create a new one from scratch with our user-friendly, drag-and-drop template builder. Create versatile smartforms with iAuditor; no coding required.

Perform pipe inspections using your mobile device

You can use the iAuditor pipeline inspection software even if you are offline. The data you collect will automatically be saved via unlimited cloud storage upon connecting to the internet. With your smartform, you get a variety of response types, including yes/no, multiple choice, and freeform text, so you can collect the right information. Take pictures and annotate them for evidence and easy visual reference and immediately assign corrective actions to the right people mid-inspection so issues are resolved immediately.

Generate professional reports minus the hassle

Upon completing your pipeline inspection, you can generate a comprehensive report in seconds without having to manually compile your inspection data. Set up auto-share so that reports are automatically sent to the right people, saving you more time and energy. You can even hide/unhide report information to keep the focus on the most important details.

Review your inspection history via data analytics

One of iAuditor’s best features is data analytics. This feature analyzes collated inspection data and provides useful insight, such as frequently failing items, that can help you spot trends and identify patterns that may uncover the root cause of issues.

Track assigned inspections and corrective actions to ensure that everything is covered

Ensure accountability by having a pipeline inspection software that allows you to track the status of assigned inspections and corrective actions anytime, anywhere. Put mandatory answer fields in inspection templates and require digital signatures to ensure that inspections are done according to protocol.

iAuditor’s pipeline inspection software optimizes pipeline inspection processes in a number of ways. From easy smartform customization to automated reporting, iAuditor’s versatile mobile solution simply makes pipeline maintenance faster and easier.

iAuditor Pipeline Inspection Software Features

  • Smart Forms

    Create unlimited smart forms and convert your existing paper checklists to digital forms with the iAuditor checklist app

  • Inspections

    Complete inspections from anywhere, at any time with the iAuditor mobile app.

  • Fast Reporting

    Detailed inspection reports and insights help problems get solved quicker

  • Insights & Analytics

    Turn your data into actionable insights

  • Integrations

    Connect iAuditor to business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint and more.

  • Workflow Automation

    Complete inspections from anywhere, at any time with the iAuditor risk register software.

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