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iAuditor as Offshore Inspection Software

Better, Faster Offshore Inspections With Mobile Smart Forms

An offshore inspection software is used by designated workers in the maritime industry when performing safety and maintenance assessments on seaward shipping vessels and offshore facilities. An offshore inspection aims to identify possible safety hazards such as marine fire, faulty equipment, engine failure, and other anomalies so they can be corrected before they cause harm or damage to the crew, shipping vessel, or offshore facilities. With iAuditor by SafetyCulture as your offshore inspection software, you can easily customize digital templates for better inspection efficiency, perform offshore inspections on your mobile device even if you are offline, and automatically generate inspection reports to streamline your data-sharing process.
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Mitigate offshore hazards with your mobile app

With the iAuditor offshore inspection software, you can use smart forms that make your offshore inspections more efficient by hiding and revealing fields as necessary, and you can also take pictures and annotate them for documentation and evidence. Supervisors can assign and schedule offshore inspections and corrective actions to shipmates through the app to make sure that all safety and maintenance tasks are completed on time.

Ensure that all systems are fully operational

You can perform inspections with the iAuditor offshore inspection software even if you are offline. Inspect areas, equipment functionality and calibration, and facilities then record your findings on the app. Your offshore inspection data will be automatically saved once you connect to the internet. iAuditor helps you ensure that safety hazards are addressed and your operation complies with organizational and federal safety regulations.

Use data analytics to make informed decisions

iAuditor’s advanced web analytics helps you make sense of your data by visualizing your findings and highlighting key statistics. Easily access data such as total inspections completed, most cited failed items, overdue actions, and missed inspections among others so you can immediately pinpoint issues and take corrective measures ASAP.

iAuditor Offshore Inspection Software: The Advantages of Going Paperless

Paper templates are commonly used by shipping vessels, offshore facilities, and other maritime operations when conducting routine offshore inspections. While it does serve its basic functions, there are several benefits provided by offshore inspection softwares that make a compelling case to make the switch to digital.

Below are some of the advantages maritime operations gain by going paperless and using the iAuditor offshore inspection software:

Data Consistency

Paper checklists are inflexible since they only provide two response modes; fixed choices, and text-based. Offshore inspectors may also struggle to adhere to data collecting standards due to subjective observations, and illegible handwriting. Digital smart forms can solve these problems by using logic fields so only relevant questions and appropriate answer choices show up; resulting in the consistent collection of useful, objective data for each inspection.

Advance Data Access, Storage, and Security

Paper records are susceptible to damage, loss, and unauthorized access. iAuditor’s offshore inspection software automatically saves your inspection data via unlimited cloud storage to ensure that your information is safe and accessible only to authorized personnel. No more manual data organization and overflowing filing cabinets which take up plenty of time and space. You can apply search filters including location, time, department, inspectors, and more to make sure you find the data you need quicker and with minimal effort.

Inspector Accountability

iAuditor sends push notifications for assigned inspections and corrective actions to encourage and improve task adherence. Supervisors can easily check overdue assignments on the web dashboard so the appropriate response can be taken. Inspection templates can also be customized to include mandatory fields to avoid inspectors from skipping certain checks. Inspections also have timestamps that show their start and end time which helps supervisors determine the average duration of offshore inspections and set appropriate benchmarks. Lastly, inspectors can be required to include their digital signature after each inspection for verification purposes.

Automatic Database Updates

One of the major challenges that come with using paper templates is having to manually compile the findings from each individual inspection to come up with a database. iAuditor solves this problem by automatically updating your inspection database in real-time no matter where the inspection is taking place as long as the device is connected to the internet. You can also set-up automatic report sharing so inspection reports are immediately forwarded to supervisors and other authorized personnel for easier and faster data-visibility.

Total Visibility Across Inspection Results

The combination of automatic database updates and data visualization in the iAuditor web dashboard helps offshore inspectors identify patterns and trends across all individual inspections. This feature helps them formulate short-term and long-term solutions to recurring issues, ensuring safety and quality in offshore operations.

Efficient Offshore Inspections with iAuditor

A good offshore inspection process is crucial to running a safe and productive offshore operation. Shipping vessels, floating structures, and fixed platforms can all benefit from a versatile mobile app that makes offshore inspection and reporting easier and hassle-free. Download the iAuditor offshore inspection software for free today.

iAuditor Offshore Inspection Software Features

  • Smart Forms

    Create unlimited smart forms and convert your existing paper checklists to digital forms.

  • Inspections

    Complete inspections from anywhere, at any time even if you are offline.

  • Fast Reporting

    Detailed inspection reports and insights help problems get solved quicker.

  • Insights & Analytics

    Turn your data into actionable insights.

  • Integrations

    Connect iAuditor to business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint, and more.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automate the boring stuff—from scheduling inspection to sharing reports.

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